The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Work

The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Work
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The King of kings Emperor Haile Selassie I spoke many a times on work. Emperor Haile Selassie I believed that the farmer and labourer who have toiled diligently throughout the day have earned their bread and honest sleep.

There is neither shame nor disgrace in a day’s work well and truly done… This it the teachings of RasTafari, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I on work.

As a faithful follower of RasTafari, His speech on work has truly inspired even I, to write this article so that even you will be able to inspired to work towards a greater cause.

We must put our efforts and time towards a greater cause, towards righteousness. Let us come together and work hand in hand that we may attain a common goal and desire.

A goal and desire that can include all man as it was intended to be. Therefore I’ll write more on a few speeches by HIM on work.

Haile Selassie I on Work

RasTafari speech on work, the wise mind of HIM
RasTafari speech on work, the wise mind of HIM
  • “There is neither shame nor disgrace in a day’s work well and truly done, whatever the task and whatever the rank or status of the worker. The farmer and the labourer who have toiled diligently throughout the day have earned their bread and honest sleep.”

Regardless of the task, rank or status of a man, if his work be honest, truly done and just, there can never be shame in it. For regardless of what other may think,

every work done by man is essential to our day to day living. The man that cleans is just as valuable as the man that hired him to clean. For what good is it to have a dirty place even when you’re the high ranked person?

Therefore, we must learn to show gratitude and value towards all man who strive to work honestly and diligently regardless of the position.

For when work is truly done, honest sweat been made, who can take the value away from the labourer but him himself? So it goes to say, learn to hold value in all that you do, for the biggest of things cannot be accomplished without the smallest.

  • “The man, whatever his rank, who has spent his time in idleness, whose hand has been turned to little of profit or value during his working hours, has earned only to scorn and disdain of his fellowmen whom he has cheated.”

We all owe it to our fellow brothers and sisters around the world to not be idle. It is only fair that we all do out part to maintain the balance of life and to work towards a brighter day.

Regardless of a man and his rank, must not be spending his time in idleness. For in doing so you deprive not only yourself but those around you.

Time must be carefully monitored and used wisely. For time lost can never be regained. Therefore we must act now and do what we can with our time wisely.

We must make hay while the sun shines. Therefore let no man feel he is guiltless in idling. Let him know that he has cheated not only himself but also his fellow brothers and sisters.

  • “It is easy to begin but hard to finish.”

How many times have you started something and still not finish? Even a task that is relevant versus one that isn’t, how often do we task ourselves to finish things?

We must learn, regardless of the outcome, to always finish what one has started. Never be a sluggard nor a lazy man, for to start and not to finish are the traits of such a man.

Therefore discipline your self and mind, to not only start a task but to endure and follow through to the end regardless of which way it favours.

Learn to be disciplined enough to see through a task, to endure and accomplish a job well done. Even if it means to reduce your task load to complete one.

  • “Strength may be useless where skill is required.”

Not all the time is brawn required when brains is relevant to a situation. Therefore, strength may not always be the best solution to a problem.

Many a times, skill and utilizing of the brain is more relevant. Like a game of chess, skill and patience is required to out maneuver the opponent.

One must use critical thinking when muscle cannot solve a problem. Therefore, learn to use both the mind and body and learn when to use one over the other.

  • “There is no protection from the demand that a man’s worth be assessed by his achievements.”

Wherever you may go in life, whoever you might surround yourself with, you cannot run from being judge based on achievements.

One can always learn the value of a hard and honest work, and therefore, know that it in itself in an outstanding achievement. Therefore learn the value of work and learn your worth,

that way regardless of how one may judge your worth on your achievements, it will not diminish your value. Therefore learn to be humble and appreciative of life and what it has to offer and what you can make of it. This is the way of RasTafari.

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