The Teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari Advice to Students | Wise Mind of HIM

The Teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari Advice to Students | Wise Mind of HIM
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In the Wise Mind of H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie I, RasTafari speech on “Advice to Students, was eye opening. Therefore, I will be writing few of the speeches made by the Emperor and further discussing on them.

No doubt, RasTafari has made a tremendous impact, not only to we of the faith of “Rastafari”. But also to the many who look to the King as a “Father” and a great man of “leadership“. Truly, RasTafari was profound and filled with intellect and wisdom beyond his years.

So to those who, especially as a student today in 2020, who needs some advice and guidance. This article will, I pray may be of some assistance to you in guiding you in your present situation and future endeavours.

No doubt, that the children and youths of today, are the leaders of tomorrow.

RasTafari Advice to Students

  • “Choose the means by which you can best exercise self-control and self-discipline. In this, you are now possessed with the most important weapon of training.”

Once we’ve learnt the importance of self-control and self-discipline, and how crucial they are in life. The easier it is to choose the means by which to best exercise these “Characters” and principles. We must be masters of our fate.

In order to give our best services unto the “Most High” and unto our fellow brothers and sisters. One must be keen, on these principles in order to best be or service of “RasTafari”. Train your mind that it may be strong and uncorrupted.

  • “Study and examine all, but choose and follow the good.”

Now, learning and education is very important in life, to further develop and progress. To be able to decipher between good and evil, right from wrong.

It is important therefore, we study all things to have knowledge of all. In understanding the balance of life, this way when knowledge therefore increases, one will be firm and rooted in the truth.

Not wavering in faith, but confident in the good and righteous because of a solid foundation built upon knowledge and wisdom.

  • “The knowledge you have acquired so far is no end in itself but a reminder for the further responsibilities that await you.”

What ever it is that you have learnt throughout your life, no matter how much you have learnt. There is always something else that can be learned. The more you know, the more it is you realize you have a lot more to learn.

This is a reminder of the responsibilities that awaits us, the further progress needed to be made. One must not cease in learning nor progressing, one must continue always until the “Most High” has ceased you from learning.

  • “Education intensifies natural gifts and ability. but mere education, unless founded on a historical and cultural framework, will bear no fruits.”

Yes, it is true with education that natural gifts and abilities will intensify. But without historical framework and rooted in the foundations, without culture and indentity.

The gift and ability, will amount to nothing, fruitlessness. This is due to a lack of direction, not knowing what to do, where or how because of no sense of direction. Not knowing where it started, nor where to finish.

It is important that one does not lack any of these knowledge, it is important in leading your gifts and ability to bearing the righteous fruits and not of unfruitfulness.

  • “If you are open-minded and ready to learn, there are many things which you can learn not only from books and instructors but from the very [experience] of life….itself.”

In life, if one observes carefully, they will have many teachers. And not just teachers who have taught them, but from every encounter, every situation, every tribulations, every victory.

One will discover that, in everything there is always something to be learnt. Sometimes it is to learn what to do, another time it is to learn what not to do.

Be mindful in all that you do, and observe and ask yourself, what lesson can be learnt here? Always, allow each situation to be a lesson, learning and growing and advancing ones self.


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