The Teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari speech on Peace | Wise Mind of HIM

The Teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari speech on Peace | Wise Mind of HIM
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In a time where there’s so much hatred and anger and fighting amongst ourselves. The Teachings of H.I.M, that RasTafari made on Peace seems perfect to write about. RasTafari was a strong advocate of Peace.

His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I was after all named man of the year by Time Magazine. Peace is the foundation for development. In order to develop as true Children of Jah, we must attain love and Peace.

Therefore I pray that this article reaches you and makes a positive impact upon your life and your journey. I pray that with your help, we can attain this through faith and unity.

Let us work for trust among men, for disarmament, for Peace. This is the character of those who walk in the faith of RasTafari.

RasTafari’s Speech on Peace

  • ‘Peace is a day-to-day problem, the product of a multitude of events and judgements. Peace is not an is – it is a becoming.’

Therefore Peace isn’t just going to happen overnight or instantly. Peace is something that we must task ourselves to do daily in maintaining the balance. We must repeated strive to maintain peace, so that it may be one with us.

The freedom from disturbance; tranquillity. This must be attained through faith in the Creator, working together in love and unity. We must become one with the Creator, then we will know peace, being at one with each other.
  • ‘Peace…has become even more necessary to mankind than ever before. The alternatives confronting the governments of today are no longer peace or war, but peace or the annihilation and complete doom of mankind.’

Peace, universally heralded by the Angels at the birth of  Our Saviour, has become even more necessary to mankind than ever before.

Therefore, it has now become the noble responsibility of Rastas and Christians alike and peoples of other faith and their leaders throughout the world  to pray and to work hard for the preservation of world peace.

  • ‘War and rumours of war are occupying the attention of governments and peoples, but the world is thirsting more than ever for peace and justice.’

Now in a time where every minute you hear of some war, or rumours of war circulating the news, it reminds us of how much we should seek peace and justice.

Let us focus our energy on uniting and coming together as one, in peace and harmony. With justice and equality, for he who seeks justice, knows the value of justice s well.

  • ‘The major challenges confronting the world today are two: the preservation of peace and the betterment of the living conditions of that half of the world is poor. These are, of course, mutually interdependent.’

How can there be peace, when there are so many poor and hungry out there in the world? Unless we strive to eradicate the poor living conditions of half the world,

Peace will be fruitless to attain. For Peace and and a betterment of living, are dependent of one another. Therefore we must strive for both, preservation of peace and betterment of living for mankind.

  • ‘As long as there are men who believe that one race is superior to the other and that they can lead destines of other men by any means, there shall be no peace.’

Since on the scale of creation all men are born equal, it is imperative that no one race holds itself superior to the other. For Peace to truly reign amongst us, we cannot look down on any race.

Looking down on a race will only breed strife, hatred and resentment, none of which will result in Peace.

  • ‘In order that the work of evil may not triumph again over this redeemed humanity, all peace-loving peoples must rally together for the definite re-establishment of right and peace.’

We must work together, in order to re-establish right and peace throughout all of mankind. Evil cannot prevail over good, let us therefore put our efforts in a joint effort together to let good overcome evil.

Once minds are open and free to wonder about all the possibilities there are, the better choices they can make. It is similar to a flower growing and blossoming, I imagine.

Do not worry if the light of the sun falls, or is blocked by a cloud. Life only is born where it has the opportunity to thrive.

  • ‘Use your knowledge for good, to preserve peace among men.’

Knowledge is very powerful. Knowledge can make peace, or it can start a war. It is up to us, the Children of Jah to preserve peace amongst ourselves.

Therefore use your knowledge to aid and to help, to maintain peace and harmony filled with love. To truly understand knowledge, is to Fear the Most High; fools despise wisdom and instruction.


May the Elohim of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. 

Let us not lose our faith in the great Creator, work to attain peace, trust and hope in our fellow brothers and sisters. Finally, brothers, rejoice.

Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace; and the Elohim of love and peace will be with you. Be blessed.

Biko lion

2 thoughts on “The Teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari speech on Peace | Wise Mind of HIM

  1. Haile Selassie I was a Great Man and Statesman, Way Ahead of His Time. He understood the Relationship between Man and Mans’ Problems: Unity, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Education,
    Economic Development, Employment And Social And Moral Equality For ALL. We Are ALL
    JAHS’ CHILDREN, ONE PEOPLE – Not Separated byRace, Skin Color, Ethnicity, Status, Or Political Or Social CLASS. AND – When We Can Arrive At This Position AND LIVE BY IT – THEN ONLY THEN WILL MAN BE FREE AND EQUAL.
    As We Can See This WILL TAKE A MAJOR ADJUSTMENT IN THINKING AND MORAL CHARACTER BUT IT IS POSSIBLE ! We Should All Be Working Together to Achieve This Goal Today !
    Jah Rastafari, Selassie I, Let Jah Be Praised–Jah Bless.
    Ras Paul, VFR RADIO, MA.USA>

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