The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Development

The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Development
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The King of kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on the development of a people. Not only was Haile Selassie I speech on development was for the benefit of Africa, but also to the entire diaspora willing to take heed to the King.

Haile Selassie I believed in His people, and believed in the development of the people. He knew that only with a people and their advancement can any nation thrive.

He was never one to shy away from reaching out to His people in helping towards a greater cause for all. Therefore, it is my duty to share with you His speeches so that we may carry this flame as well.

We must never forget that we all need each other. And only in unity and brotherhood can we overcome and develop further as children of Jah.

So I pray this may strengthen you on your journey in the faith of RasTafari.

The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Development
The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Development
  • “The ultimate resource of a nation is its people. Unless this resource is employed for the benefit of the nation, unless the latent good which it represents is exploited to the maximum extent for the common good. The nation will languish, poor in spirit, lacking in achievement.”

Without a people, a nation can never thrive. Therefore, it is the sole duty of the nation to ensure there is a common cause for all to strive for.

Something that will benefit every man and woman, then when this is established can we come together for the greater cause of the nation.

We must realize that in unity and oneness towards a common cause is the only way to keep our spirits alive. Not only will it benefit the spirit, but the achievements of the flesh will unfold also.

Therefore, let us recognize that we as a people must do that which is right, regardless of whatever anyone says to stand for truth and justice.

  • “Who would not be pleased to see his baby born as a five or ten year old youngster? But tis is contrary to nature’s plan…progress must proceed in stages.”

Many of us in life, especially those with children can agree to this. Who would not want life to be easier seeing their child born big? Knowing everything without having to teach them and life is set all fine and dandy.

But as well all have learnt, nothing is like that. We cannot try and skip the steps needed to nourish and grow, not only a child but even in the progress of a people.

We must know that work must be put in place to ensure the progress of man to be made in stages. Gradually we shall build from the start. Even Jah HIMself didn’t create the earth in one day.

Therefore, have patience and work towards this development of your life. Wherever or whatever you may face in this life, take it in stages.

Gradually build from where you are. Cause really that’s all any man can do. Start from where he is.

  • “We cannot postpone the needs…hope…aspirations of our peoples indefinitely.”

It is impossible to have peace and prosperity delaying the needs, hope and aspirations of the people. How can we strive forward when the needs of our brothers are not met?

We therefore must not neglect the work needed to be done in order to realize this hope. The nations and the government must not forget the people who put them their.

Otherwise there will be turmoil and anguish amongst us. Let us work together this delay doesn’t become perpetual.

  • “Of all the good things of the world which are accomplished by the wisdom of men and which can only be realized by that wisdom, health is the divine gift which is to found above all by those who can take care to guard it well.”

Haile Selassie was a firm believer in health. Therefore this speech is by no surprise to those who follow closely to the the Teachings of HIM.

Health, by far is one of the best things man has focused on in his wisdom and knowledge. For without good and proper health, life in itself can seize to exist.

Therefore, we must guard our health and maintain the balance in providing the best health system available. Our efforts and resources must go towards the health sector in one way or another.

Let us not take this for granted, but to cherish this gift of life and maintain a prosperous health system.

  • “Those men who preceded you have set a high example…Take up where they left off, emulate them, build on the foundation which they have laid down, that your nation may advance in progress and enlightenment.”

We have been blessed to have been in our possession the knowledge and wisdom of those before us. Therefore, it is up to us, to follow after the righteous ones and build on this foundation that they have laid before us.

We have as a people, been on this journey of life for many centuries. And because of the toil and labour and knowledge and wisdom spared,

we too can build on this great progress in which we have made as a people and strive further forward together. We must not gt weary and do that which was given unto us to do,

so that we may advance in progress and enlightenment. This is the way of RasTafari. We must realize the teachings of Haile Selassie I and live by them day by day.

Ultimately, for the Most High and your fellow brothers and sisters. I pray this article may strengthen and encourage you along the journey. Be blessed, Selah.

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