The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Character

The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Character
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The King of kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speech on Character. Haile Selassie I was an exemplary teacher who believed the character of a man was significant.

The Emperor, spoke profoundly on many occasions on how we can build our character to develop ourselves to stand true as men of God. We must therefore take the teachings of HIM,

Haile Selassie I and develop ourselves more in the character of the Father. “Do not be victims of temporary contentment and petty satisfactions. Aspire for worthwhile aims that shall be ideals for succeeding generations.” H.I.M Haile Selassie I.

The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Character
The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Character

One must build and train their their character in the ways of the Most High. In a way that is above exemplary, let every man carry this standard of character within them.

Haile Selassie I speech on Character

  • “Feel the needs of others more than your own.”

In order for one to build a true character like that unto the Most High, one must feel the needs of others more than their own. We must live for our brothers and be selfless. Be our brothers keeper, love thy neighbour as thyself.

When one develops this character of living for others, then they have developed one of the characters of Jah. The Most High made us like unto HIM.

Therefore we possess all the qualities of the Most High nad must execute them as much as possible. We must live for our brothers as the Most High wanted us to.

  • “If we permit ourselves to be tempted by narrow self-interest and vain ambition, if we barter our beliefs for short-term advantage, who will listen when we claim to speak for conscience? Who will contend that our words deserve to be heeded?”

Like the story when the boy cried wolf, if each time we sell out our beliefs and morality for a short term gain, who then will listen to us when we speak truth unto them?

The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Character
The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Character

Who will take the words of our mouths as truth and rights if we continue to not have faith unto Jah? We must not lose our faith our morals when temptations comes our way.

We must hold steadfast in the truth and stand for something and not fall for nothing as a self-interest. Therefore it is important that regardless of the battle and fight that we stand for what we truly believe in and fight for our rights and truth.

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  • “As a father should bequeath not only wealth to his children, but also provide them with proper education. So too that they may have a richer and fuller life, so should it be the duty of those for whom much has been done. To show gratitude.”

We have been blessed with the fortunes and experience of those before us. Our parents, especially now when so much is available to us, have done all possible within their reach to ensure a better life for us.

Therefore, so too must we be grateful knowing that they did their all for us. We must know that we have been blessed to overcome certain difficulties,

in which they had to face so that we didn’t have to face them. We who have been blessed to not face certain travails in life must apprecilove(appreciate) this gift.

A father would never want to see his child suffer, why then should we want to see our future generations suffer? We must put in place a environment suited for a better tomorrow for them.

  • “One seldom minimizes the value of money earned by the sweat of the brow, however small it may be. But for the extravagant, even a huge amount of money is worthless.”

Anyone who has a sense of self worth and self value will know the value earner by the sweat of the brow, however small. But any man who is too proud will never value the rewards,

regardless however big it may be, for he is too proud to see the value. A man too extravagant will not see the value of the smallest of work,

therefore will never truly overstand(understand) the value of the big work. His character is belittled by being too proud. Therefore, learn the value of each sweat in a mans work regardless of however small it may seem to you.

Cause no matter how big a work you may get, it can never be done without the small works being accounted for.

  • “It is natural for man to strive toward a better life, to wish to educate his children while he himself was uneducated. To desire to shelter and clothe them while he himself was naked and scourged by the elements. To strive to spare them from the cruel diseases by which he himself was ravaged.”

It is only natural for any man wanting a better life for his offspring than he had for himself. Any man that has been through rough times, will never want for a loved one to go through the same.

Haile Selassie I Laying Foundation Stone H.S.I. University

Therefore, we strive always for the betterment of our family and loved ones. We who love the Most High, will always want the best for mankind.

So it is only natural that we set a foundation in which the youths can strive for a better tomorrow. We want to see them live and be happy more than we could have imagined.

Knowing our forefathers, whether immediate or not, did the same for us today that we may provide for them. We must stand tall regardless of our fight,

to help the future generations avoid our downfalls that they may strive further for their future generations. This is the way of RasTafari, to strive for a better tomorrow not only for us,

but also for those to come. Life and love, this is the message of RasTafari.

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