History of Rastafari: Babylon, Pagans and Nimrod

History of Rastafari: Babylon, Pagans and Nimrod
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In order to understand the truth about “Rastafari” we have to dissect the history. In this article we’ll look at Babylon, Pagans and Nimrod.

The main purpose of this page is to help educate about the truth of “Rastafari”. To show the things not always seen on the surface. Many are against “Rastafari” and “Rastas” because of the lack of awareness of “Rastafari”.

Here we’ll have a brief look on the history of “Rastafari” from a biblical and rooted perspective. Our history therefore, stems way beyond that of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I. Our history can be traced through the “Holy Bible“.

In addition, this is a brief history, if there’s anything I have expanded and you’d want me to. Please leave a comment and i’ll get back to you.

“Rastafari” bloodline, traces back to “King David”. Which traces further back to “Abaraham”. Which traces back to “Adam”.

We “rastas” of today have known that we are the ancient Israelites spoken of through the “Holy Scriptures”.

In the future I will write further discussions linking these bloodlines with that of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and “Rasta”.

But for now our focus of topic will be our history on Babylon, Pagans and Nimrod.

Babylon and Paganism

Mesopotamia also known as “Ancient Babylon” the first known civilization post flood of “Noah”. The mystery religion of “Babylon”is the beginning of “Paganism” which started after the flood which destroyed man.

“Babylon” or this “Mystery religion” has been told for centuries, called by many names with many “gods” but are all in fact the same “god”.

I am encouraging you to research these information and check for yourself.

The mystery religion focuses on “polytheism” or “paganism”. Polytheism is the belief in many gods. Where as the “Rastafari” faith believe in one God in HIM.

They had knowledge in these practices given to a select few, leaving the majority of it’s followers blind. These select few were the only ones who could communicate with their many “gods”.

This secret knowledge gave them power over their followers.  In polytheism you’ll find they have one man who is “father god” one virgin woman who is “mother god” and a son which is the “sun(son) god”.

This is what “Paganism” is. Following this structure.

This started out in Mesopotamia, “ancient babylon”. There are many other books in which support this and not just the “Bible”. After the flood, Noah and his family were chosen to repopulate the earth.

Although it was Noah’s son Ham where the story of “paganism” came from. Ham, who had Cush, would be the one to do that which was opposite of the “God of Israel”.

Instead of giving praises to the “God of Israel” Cush became a leader, doing what he will instead of HIS will.

Tower of Babel

Cush advocate of rebelling against “The God of Israel”. Led to the creation of the “Tower of Babel”. Cush with a crazy idea that he wanted to ascend up to “God”.

Therefore all the people came together, speaking one language trying to ascend up to the heavens. Conspiring to build their own kingdom to challenge the “God of Israel”.

An example of the “tower of babel” today would be the “Washington Monument”.

When the “God of Israel” saw the rebellion in Cush and the people. And saw that they tried to conspire against HIM. He confused their languages, that no man was able to understand his neighbour.

In addition, this is why we all speak different languages from other nations.  “God” confused their language hence the name “Babel” and the “tower” halted from being built.

Tower of Babel


Nimrod, Cush’s son. He was mighty in battle and very determine to achieve that which his father had failed to do.

He conquered all, from beast to man resulting in being the leader of the “Assyrian Babylon Empire”. His story has transformed him into a “god”, the occult started with him, though it can be traced back to Cain.

Regardless of who, Nimrod must be analyzed to understand “Paganism”. Nimrod was very heavily involved in the spirit world. That not practiced by “Rastafari” and it’s faithful few.

However, Nimrod claimed power over the people and deceived them. Convincing many he was a “god” and to finish the “tower of babel”.

Above all, Nimrod was a mighty hunter, who was an opposition to “The God of Israel”. He was the son of Cush and the “woman” Semiramis. In addition, Nimrod tried to to have a “one world government”.

Where they all practiced the same religion and were govern under him.

The only person to rebel against “Nimrod” was his uncle Shem.  Shem bloodline traces today to “Rastafari”. Shem, chose to follow the teachings of “The God of Israel”.

Being faithful to “The God of his Fathers, Israel” Shem stood up and killed “Nimrod”. Proving that “Nimrod” was not a “god”. Therefore many who followed “Nimrod” fled and scattered.

The “Woman”

“Semiramis” the first wife of Cush, and mother of Nimrod. Who claims to be divinely conceived and manifested. Nimrod, after Cush lost power, married his mother “Semiramis”.

After being killed, the people not knowing “Semiramis” was pregnant. Claimed to be visited by the spirit of Nimrod, claiming to have virgin birth.

This however was the start of the beginning of the “father and mother god” worship. She convinced the people that the prophecy of “Yahashua Hamashiach” in genesis 3:15.

In addition, it was claimed that Nimrod ascended to the sun, and that the sun rays made “Semiramis” pregnant. This is the the birth of “Baal” the sun “god”.

She claimed to be the moon “goddess” and mother “goddess”.  Coming from the moon to the river Euphrates. In addition to being the moon “god” aka “Modonna” aka “Semiramis” becoming known as the moon “goddess” “Ishtar”.

Which is more popularly known today as “Easter”. “Rastafari” believe in the “Passover”. In other words “Easter” is a “Pagan” holiday.

Due to Shem’s obedience to “God”. “Semiramis” and those that followed, were constantly defeated by Shem. Therefore they had to continue their practice hiding in secret.

Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Hindu, Roman Catholic, all practice to have “the sun god/father god, moon goddess/mother god and reborn sun/son god”.

All the names of the “gods” worship by these various beliefs, all are the same “god” “Lucifer”.

Many Names same “god”

In different culture, different parts of the world “Lucifer” goes by many names. In “babylon” it’s “Baal“, in “Egypt”  it’s “Ra” “Greece” it’s “Zeus” “Rome” it’s “Jupiter” etc.

He is the founder of these “religion”. “Lucifer” has both male and female qualities, “The Most high does not.

All have similar stories, regardless of the name of the “god” the prophecy is the same. This is the ultimate goal of “satan” one world order. one world government.

Rastafari aka Ancient Israel

Like the days of Nimrod, there was only one opposition in “Shem”. Today that bloodline in “Rastafari” today still continues to be the opposition of the “One World Government” trying to be imposed upon us.

There is only one nation that believes in the one “True” “God” and that is the nation of Israel, Shem’s descendants. Today we acknowledge that “Rastas” are of the same bloodline of “Shem” for we are “The Real Israelites” in the earth today.

Scattered abroad. The Twelves tribes of “Israel” the nation from “Jacob”. Without who their be no difference in “religion”.




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