The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Independence

The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Independence
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The King of Kings, Emperor Haile Selassie I spoke on the importance and necessity of Independence. His Majesty was a firm advocate that all man and nation have the utmost right to be independent, free and liberated.

Haile Selassie I, RasTafari is not one who wishes to deny any man of his rightful freedom and liberation. The Teachings of HIM, RasTafari spoke on the independence of a nation and it’s people from the wise mind.

The Teachings of HIM are clear examples of ways in which we who are of the faith should walk and follow. We who are of the faith of RasTafari must learn of all the Teachings of HIM,

to know how to walk in uprightness and truth. We must seek the knowledge and wisdom of HIM and walk in oneness with one another.

Haile Selassie I speaks on Independence

  • “Each nation has an inherent right to shape its own destiny and to seek its own way to the high state of advancement which the free nations of the world have attained.”

Every nation, man, woman and child have the inherent right to shape its own destiny. Who are we to withhold the right to shape ones own destiny?

Every man wants to be free as it was ordained by the Creator. We must do that in our powers to seek out knowledge and wisdom to maintain this way.

To shape our own destines we must seek our own high state of advancement, which comes by knowledge. Let us never stop seeking knowledge and wisdom,

then can we as a nation, as a people control our own destiny and be independent.

  • “It is but natural that small nations, who must so vigilantly defend their independence, should regard collective security as the cornerstone of their existence. Their support of that principle should be instant, unhesitating and absolute. No small state, no democratic nation, no people imbued with charity towards its fellow men, could do otherwise.”

A small nation knows more than many the importance of collective security. They should value it as the cornerstone of their existence.

For a small nations knows better than most that to defend their independence, a collective effort has to be made to fight the forces on the outside.

This collective security and effort must be supported by all. Instant and unhesitating and absolute. Love and unity is the foundation of defending independence.

Let us therefore maintain the collective security of all, whether big or small, to defend the independence of all men, to give everyone a fair and fighting chance at life. So let our efforts not go unheeded and in vein.

Let us unify and come together as one.

  • “Freedom, liberty, the rights of man, these mean little to the ignorant, the hungry, the ill clothed, the badly housed.”

What is freedom and the rights of man if there are still ignorant, hungry and homeless people present today? To them, freedom is just an illusion,

the rights of man taken away for they lack the knowledge and basic necessities of life to even comprehend these terms. We must act now,

being our brothers keeper, those of us who are in position to make a change to make a change. Therefore, let us come together and do our part in helping the homeless,

help feed the hungry and clothed the naked. That is how we can truly be independent. When we learn to not only live for ourselves but with others also.

  • “Independence cannot be a simple word devoid of meaning; it must remain a principle admitting of no compromise or suspicion, a principle demanding respect for self and at the same time equal respect for the rights of others.”

Independence is a condition of a person, nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government,

and usually sovereignty, over its territory. Therefore, independence cannot be a simple word devoid of meaning. For if it is to be devoid of meaning,

then there will be no respect for self and at the same time others. One must realize the importance of independence, that it is a principle to have the very least,

a principle that should never be compromised admitting no suspicion. Let us exercise our self-government to attain sovereignty over self.

  • “A foreign hand is concerned about itself; it will not work for us.”

As much from time to time a country may receive foreign aid, we must always remember that a foreign country is concerned about itself first and foremost.

Therefore we cannot rely nor depend on foreign hand to aid us in our concerns more than we ourselves would. So we must not rely on outside forces to fix a problem within,

but we must look to ourselves and do that which is able to do. We must seek out the means and ways to eradicate the problems that faces us today.

It is better we who know ourselves best to look after that which are needed to. A foreign hand will not want what’s truly best for us at all times like we would ourselves.


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