The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on Independence | Wise Mind

The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on Independence | Wise Mind
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RasTafari is not one who wishes to deny any man of his rightful freedom and liberation. The Teachings of HIM, RasTafari spoke on the independence of a nation and it’s people from the wise mind. The Teachings of HIM are clear examples of ways in which we who are of the faith should walk and follow.

We who are of the faith of RasTafari must learn of all the Teachings of HIM, to know how to walk in uprightness and truth. We must seek the knowledge and wisdom of HIM and walk in oneness with one another.

“Independence cannot be a simple word devoid of meaning; it must remain a principle admitting of no compromise or suspicion, a principle demanding respect for self and at the same time equal respect for the rights of others.” Haile Selassie I

The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on Independence | Wise Mind
The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on Independence | Wise Mind

“Since freedom is an issue upon which national existence itself depends, it becomes a sacred obligation of primary importance for a people of one family,

united in their own common life and in oneness of mind and spirit, to preserve their free and pleasant way of life from all external danger and thus be enabled to advance along the path of progress.” – Haile Selassie I

Therefore, we’ll takeĀ  look today on some of the speeches by HIM, in which RasTafari spoke on Independence for a people andĀ  a nation.

RasTafari speech on Independence

  • “Freedom’s price is the sacrifice of the lives of innumerable heroes and, in deep realization of this; it becomes the duty of free men everywhere to be ever prepared for the defence of their freedom.”

It must become our duty as free men to be ever prepared to defend our freedom. Without the sacrifices of our forefathers, the heroes before us, the freedom enjoyed today wouldn’t be possible.

Therefore we must learn of the sacrifices made so that we may be inspired to always defend the freedom of not only ourselves but fellow brothers and sisters.

Self-defence therefore will be required if our freedom is ever tested. We must be ready if the day ever comes.

  • “The strongest foundation of our independence is the development of our economic resources.”

The development of economic resources is the strongest foundation for a nations independence. This is why His Majesty enabled a Economic Development to take place in Ethiopia.

Haile Selassie I on the Economic Development in Ethiopia

In order for any nation to be truly independent, development in economic resources are crucial. A nation must be able to produce it’s own resources in order to be able to self-sustain, as well as engaging in trading, which in turn boost an economy applied properly.

  • “Those who seek independence, must be prepared to struggle for it rather than accept it; and having won it, to stand on their own feet without dependence, without favours.”

To be truly independent, one must accept there will be struggles along the way. To stand on ones own feet, to fight for what they truly want, not to be dependent on anyone or favours. While it is to live without handouts and work hard for their achievements.

Struggles will definitely be along the way of anyone who chooses to be independent. Stay strong and and uphold the battle and fight on. Never let your struggles define you but how you overcome them.

Walk in faith of the Most High and know that He’ll provide always for you along your journey. So accept what may come along your path and let it allow you to grow stronger and more independent.

  • “This world was not created piecemeal. Africa was born no later and no earlier than any other geographical area on this globe. Africans, no more and no less than others men, possess all human attributes, virtues and faults.”

Africa to many, especially to us who believe in the history of the bible, knows it to be the birthplace of mankind. Therefore Africa was created no later and no earlier than any other geographical area on this globe.

Ethiopia, Zion city of jah

In addition, Africans just like other men possess all human attributes, virtues and faults. We must not look at our brothers like aliens. We must realize that Africans hold the blueprint to life.

Therefore, let us look to our brothers and sisters as fellow equals and love them like we love ourselves. RasTafari is love, there is no division in love, nor in RasTafari, hence we must live as such. Accepting of each man.

  • “Our independence and freedom are meaningless unless they are tied to the hearts of our peoples.”

If a nation is said to be independent yet the people in their hearts don’t feel it in their hearts, independence is considered useless. For if the people of the nation feel it in their hearts not liberated,

then the nation itself would be considered as such. Therefore independence and freedom must be felt right throughout the nation. Then and only then will they be able to fight and resist outside forces.

Liberation must be felt throughout the entire nation of the people, we cannot allow for their spirits to be broken or the nation will be broken.

Therefore, let us unite and come together, liberate our one another and be our brothers keeper. I pray this article inspires you to be independent and still help your fellow brothers. Be blessed, selah.

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