The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on Self Defense | Wise Mind

The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on Self Defense | Wise Mind
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RasTafari is not about hate and violence, nor is it about causing harm to others. From The Teachings of HIM however, RasTafari speaks on Self Defense. Self Defense  is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself or nation from harm.

RasTafari is about love! RasTafari is not for violence and blood, however, RasTafari is also the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. His Majesty was never one for war, but He defended His people and His nation at all times.

The love for His people and His country was everlasting, and He wanted the best for every man. He wanted all men to be liberated and free. How vital is it that men be jealous of their freedom.

The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on Self Defense

Therefore, today we’ll take a look at some of the few speeches in which RasTafari spoke on Self Defense. To share some light and insights of the wisdom and knowledge of RasTafari, and how we of the faith should walk and follow.

RasTafari speech on Self Defense

  • ” Our Unity being our formidable weapon of defence, it should be kept more strengthened than our other forces of defence.”

Our unity and brotherhood is by far more formidable than any weapon in our defence. Without Unity you’ll self-destruct long before any enemy can infiltrate. How can you be sure a fortress remains that if there’s no trust? no loyalty? no unity?

Therefore, love, peace and unity should reign amongst brothers for a cause and be taken into serious consideration. It must be the most formidable force we possess amongst ourselves. All for one and one for all, we must stick together

and strengthen our defences first starting with our unity. We must come together, putting aside our petty prejudice and differences for the greater cause of the Most High. We must carry out His works and will, together.

  • ” Even when faced  with those who do not relent, continue to demonstrate love and consideration until obliged to resort to self-defence.”

Not always will we find those who abandons or mitigate a severe or harsh attitude, nevertheless, we must continue to be Christ like, as was RasTafari, to continue in demonstrating love and self discipline. We must not resort to any form of self-defence regardless of their attitude.

We must be disciples of RasTafari, Christ in His Kingly character. It is our duty to continue in the ways of RasTafari and walk in truth and uprightness, with meekness we must apply our actions.

The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on Self Defence | Wise Mind

We must know that self-defence if not necessary, must not be shown. We must be diplomatic and tolerant, especially to those who lack the word of the Almighty Jah.

  • ” Our forefathers preserved our country’s independence through the sacrifice of their lives. Let them be your inspiration.”

We all know how important it is that our present day blessings owes tremendously to our forefathers of yesterday. Our forefathers made tremendous sacrifices to maintain Ethiopia’s independence. The only nation in the earth to have never been colonized.

Therefore, we must remember them and the sacrifices made for that to be possible today. We must let it inspire us to continue to fight for freedom and liberation. We must be inspired by our past to strive for a better future. Remember your history and be inspired.

  • ” Do not lament when you see a respected and beloved leader fall in the battlefield for the cause of freedom. Instead, you must realize that anyone who dies for his country is indeed fortunate. Death comes to all whether in time of peace or war and takes those it chooses.”

The physical body has yet but a limited time here on this earth. Therefore, lament not when a respected leader falls in battle for the cause of freedom. Never feel sadness nor pity!!!

The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on Self Defense | Wise Mind

Realize that the dropping of ones flesh for the cause of freedom which everyman so deserves, is a honourable act. For regardless it were on the battlefield or not, the flesh will pass, therefore if it falls for a righteous cause

let them be honoured and respected for the cause of leaving for a noble situation. Let therefore their passing be celebrated with our freedom, let us live and honour their souls.

  • “How vital it is that men be jealous of their freedom.”

If a man be not jealous of their freedom, how easily it can be taken away from him. Therefore we must realize the vital need to be jealous of our freedom. We must understand that freedom must not be taken for granted.

If we do take our freedom for granted one day it will be taken away from us. We must not allow being in a comfort zone allow us not to be jealous! We must therefore learn of our history and how important it was to gain this freedom we so wonderfully possess today.

It must be known to us that our freedom is our right! And that we must do all that we can to preserve this right.

  • “Unity is strength.”

Unity is our greatest defence as mentioned earlier, therefore not much will be expanded on this. However, we cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. We stand together until the end.

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. Therefore, let us not be divided one from another, but be united in the cause of the Almighty Father, Jah. Let us do that which is right in the sight of HIM,

I pray this article touches and inspire you towards doing that which is right, to inspire and to love. Let the Most High be with you always, be blessed. Selah.

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