Teachings of H.I.M: His Majesty speeches on Self Help

Teachings of H.I.M: His Majesty speeches on Self Help
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Without a doubt, helping those who are in need is one best things anyone can find themselves doing. But how often are we conscious of “Self Help”? We must be mindful of our actions and thoughts. We have to take care of our mind, soul and body.

“Rastafari” indeed spoke on many topics and “Self Help” was one of the many topics in which “His Majesty” addressed. We of the faith of “Rastafari” must seek out the teachings of HIM, to truly know what is means to be of the faith. To keep the ways of “Rastafari” seek HIM and follow.

Rastafari speech on Self Help

  • “No one person is able to understand and solve one’s own problem better than one’s self.”

Who knows ones self better than that individual themself?  We know what is our weaknesses are, and who best to solve it than oneself? Although solving a problem may require external help at times, only yourself can overcome that problem.

No one can climb the mountain for you. No one can get you over the hurdle but yourself no matter how much help you may get. You have to be motivated to want to overcome. You have to believe in yourself.

  • “Let us set our goals too high; let us demand more of ourselves than we believe we possess.”

Many times we set out a goal or a target, we tend to set them high enough to have honour in the accomplishment of the goal. To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with setting out a goal in that way. Where it begins to go wrong, is when we tend to get comfortable in the accomplishment that we stop trying to push further.

Hence the importance of “His Majesty” speech. We must strive for more than we possibly think we possess. That way we will see more of ourselves, the limit in which we would normally find ourselves, you’d be surprised how much further pushing yourself would take you.

I pushed myself to play more in the “Rastafari” community. Hence my blog, I wanted to help not only myself but also many others who are seeking help, or words of wisdom or some knowledge.

Self Help is Crucial

  • “In our efforts to improve the standard of life of our peoples and to flesh out the bones of our independence, we count on the assistance and support of others. But this alone will not suffice and, alone, will only perpetuate Africa’s dependence.”

Unity is strength. As discussed in “Unity and Brotherhood part 1“, unity is crucial for Africa’s dependence. But in order for unity to work, we must all play our part. We must put ourselves behind for a greater cause, we must help ourselves in order to help others.

It is important that we keep strong and do that which is necessary and right in order to progress further.

  • “We cannot always depend on others.”

Although we should be our brothers keepers and always look out for one another. Life has a way of making many different obstacles hindering a person from giving help when needed.

That is why it is important to always be able to can find means and ways of overcoming the situation. We have to learn to can overcome when problem arises and everything that was planned to solve the situation. Adapt and overcome.


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