Organize and Centralize, The RasTafari community MUST Unite now!

Organize and Centralize, The RasTafari community MUST Unite now!
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Years we of the faith of RasTafari have heard ‘Organize and Centralize. Haile Selassie I told us to ‘Organize and Centralize and come as one, in Unity’. Now more than ever the RasTafari community need to mobilize this thought and unify together.

Although over the years we’ve heard in the RasTafari communities to ‘Organize and Centralize, the harsh and sad reality is this has not manifested the way it should have.

Unity and Brotherhood as His Majesty so intricately spoke on, need to pull together more to manifest this mantra of ours. While the development of the spiritual has been a main focus,

our quality of life and and prospects of economic development, especially that of Africa have been all but forgotten. A need to really be ‘Organized’ is instrumental to our cause.

The Inaction of People is The Instrument of Laziness

His Majesty has warned us that “mere talk is the instrument of the lazy and will not take us anywhere.”

We must do something to alter our reality and bring about the type of situation, in the here and now – not in the hereafter – that will allow our people and our posterity to prosper and flourish, living up to our fullest potential.

And through true cooperation – among Bobo Shanti, Twelve Tribes, Nyabinghi and any other Mansion, or among those who are unaffiliated with any Mansion whatsoever –

through this type of nondenominational cooperation, we can transform the Rastafari people into an organized and centralized nation.

If we remain disorganized and decentralized, we will have no lasting influence nor power. We can neither create laws, nor have the legal authority to enforce those laws given unto us by our Creator.

We must not allow ourselves to be all talk and no action. Therefore, it is imperative that we make a change now!

The Physical Scope of the Movement

Yes, RasTafari is about spirituality and being at one with Jah. However, we still have to manifest those cause in the physical realms. Let us work together while still maintaining our fundamentally unique personal identities.

Let all who call upon RasTafari unite and come as one. The broader scope or the movement is deeper than any personal differences amongst one another.

Because if we allow ourselves to get caught up in petty prejudice, we are disobeying the commandment of His Imperial Majesty. “We can attain practical results in the endeavors of progress we’re making only if there is absolute unity among ourselves.” — Haile Selassie I

Let us remember, also, the teaching of His Majesty about His desire for mankind, when He said: “Knowing that material and spiritual progress are essential to man, we must ceaselessly work for the equal attainment of both.”

We must balance the outlook on the relationship between spiritual and material realms.

“Let us work together, arm in arm as brothers, that our progeny may live in peace and well-being, that posterity will honor our names and our achievements. This will suffice. This will be our victory. May Almighty God grant it to us.” — Haile Selassie I

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