Haile Selassie I selected speech on the RECONCILIATION WITH ITALY

Haile Selassie I selected speech on the RECONCILIATION WITH ITALY
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From the Selected speeches of H.I.M Haile Selassie I, we reveal to you the speech on the reconciliation with Italy. Haile Selassie I was extremely Christ like and forgiving even though many wouldn’t have done the same.

Haile Selassie I, a true Christian King, although He had all reasons to hate against Italy, opted not to. Not only was He Christ like, but delivered like a true diplomatic leader,

not only putting aside a tragedy but also recognizing the need to overcome the differences and work together as one. Although the war between Ethiopia and Italy was tragic,

it nevertheless was  forgiven. Peace can only reign when forgiveness is present. Therefore, we must follow the examples by HIM in order to be of the faith of RasTafari.

We must adhere to these discipline if we want to be more Christ like. We must recognize this character within and execute it at all times.

Therefore, it is our duty to share with you His Majesty example of being Christ like. So I pray that this article may inspire you to be just like HIM. We must let the works of HIM live on through us.


On this historic occasion, after so many trials and vicissitudes suffered by the nations of the world, including Our beloved people, We welcome you to

Our Court as on a special mission of the new Italy to discuss the resumption of diplomatic relations between our two countries. We are sensible of the fact that

Ratafari decision, on advice, to go abroad
Ratafari decision, on advice, to go abroad

you are herewith accomplishing a gesture of goodwill and friendship in coming to Our Court and by your visit to Ethiopia to testify to the end of a long and tragic period of relations between Our two countries.

We, for our part, having fully shared the sufferings of Our own beloved people, have nevertheless, always been conscious that the people of Italy,

themselves, have also been victims of Fascist oppression. We have, therefore, ever been guided and inspired by the principles of Christian charity and it was in that spirit that,

from the moment of Our historic return to Our Empire, We called upon Our faithful people to accept, respect and protect those Italians who had chosen to lead their lives among us.

Haile Selassie I selected speech on the RECONCILIATION WITH ITALY
Haile Selassie I selected speech on the RECONCILIATION WITH ITALY

The thousands of your compatriots who remain here today and who participate in our national life, bear testimony to the fact that this appeal has always been heard and obeyed by Our people.

We desire nothing but peace and the opportunity quietly and without hindrance to march along the path of progress and We welcome you to Our Court as a representative of a people who,

We would believe, are inspired by those same ideals and who would resolutely reject all past and future policies of aggression. In this critical era of

modern history when the world is delicately balanced between war and peace. When peace-loving people of the earth scan anxiously the horizon for some hopeful augury in these perilous hours,

Our final and friendly reconciliation should be a sign of encouragement and a contribution to the strengthening of world peace.

H.I.M Haile Selassie I
Sept. 7, 1951

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