Rastafari decision, on advice, to go abroad – Italy Invasion

Rastafari decision, on advice, to go abroad – Italy Invasion
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It was on a Thursday, the 30th of April in the west(22nd Miyazya in Ethiopia), “Rastafari Emperor Haile Selassie I”. Where the council had made a decision on advice, to go abroad to Europe. They were in the capital of Addis Ababa, where ministers and nobles and all great men assembled to give an important council to the Emperor.

Although many had formed rumours about the Emperor running and fleeing from the battle against Mussolini and Italy. This was by no means true. The Emperor, was at the time in 1941 the “Field Marshall” leading the Ethiopians in battle, until this decision came to pass.

It was the councils advice, that the Emperor to go and inform the League of Nations, by his own voice. To reveal all the violence Italy has perpetuated against Ethiopia. In addition the Emperor not by force, but by sound advice left to address the League of Nations.

The Decision

In addition, they had a decision to be made from two options. 1. Cease the fighting and to address the League of Nations or 2. Keep fighting with the few available soldiers in the city. In addition, taking into account the death of the aged and of women and children indeed.

The fact that the city of Harar had been bombed, the city in which “Rastafari” spent much of his childhood, had saddened both the Emperor and the councils heart. Therefore, to go and address the League of Nations concluded.

Knowing the enemy bombing the city of Harar, that nothing would stop them from doing the same to Addis Ababa. The Emperor was at this point still contemplating fighting at the capital, until it appeared, depicted before their eyes, their soldiers how many had been injured and/or dying and burnt by poison gas.

The love the Emperor and the council had for the country could not lead them into continuing the fight. No matter how much they wanted to. That is why it is important to have great “leadership“. To make a sound decision balancing the emotions to not get carried away.

On Advice

Therefore the council, loving their country and were loyal to the “Throne” and therefore spoke the king as follow: “We now know that we are unable to win fighting with the Italians either ar Addis Ababa or outside.

For what purpose do we exterminate our peaceful people and have its capital burnt by bombs? Hence, as previously planned, let the government move to Gore and let BitwaddÄd WaldÄ Tsadeq stay there acting as Regent.

But it would be better if the Emperor, accompanied by the necessary assistants, presented his appeal.” Since they resolved such, the Emperor accepted their advice.

The Emperor’s Departure

Upon the departure of the Emperor, in which they boarded a train going to Dire Dawa. It was on the Friday night to Saturday that they had departed on 2nd of may(24th Miyazya). Subsequently, news broke that in Addis Ababa many people had died, properties looted and many homes blazed in fire.

Passing through Jibuti, The Emperor and company had learnt from newspaper that the Italians had spread shameful rumours and falsehood about the “Emperor”. Falsely claiming it was the departing Emperor whom had given command that the city be set on fire and looted.

Therefore, it was the Italians who, upon entering in the city, started to spread propaganda on “Rastafari”. I will have written this to clear up any misconceptions that is surrounding the Emperor and the battle with the Italians.

The reality is, the “King” wanted no such thing for his people nor his country. Never has “Rastafari” turned his back on his nation nor ran from them in war. If it were such a thought, how could “his Majesty” left leaving the Italians the new palace, built at great expense without themselves blazing it on fire?

Autobiography of HIM

I conclude that, if any man wish to truly know what happened and the events surrounding the war. To take the time out and get the Autobiography of “His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I My life and Ethiopia’s Progress”.

This way you’ll have the story not only from the media point of view or the Italians. But from the “His Majesty” HIMself and what his side of the story is. Then can one draw a fair conclusion as to the events that took place.

I pray that you may seek truth, and that you continue in the ways of the “Most High God of Israel”. Let not the enemy confound you, seek out the truth and knowledge. Read the autobiography of HIM, seek the scriptures and keep your soul spiritually strong. Selah.



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