The Tribe of Dan

The Tribe of Dan
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Most people are unaware of their history and roots. For instance, we are now in the month of October and most are unaware it represents “The Tribe of Dan”. Similarly, we have been taught about “horoscopes” and “zodiac” signs.

The question is, why are we taught about “horo-scopes” and not our true origins? Like in every lie that seems to be true, it holds piece of the truth, mixed and complied with pure lies. Purposefully set out to stray our minds away from our “history”.

We of the “Rastafari” faith knows that we are ancient people, coming from the beginning of time. Above all, it is important that light is shined and knowledge shared. So what does “October” really represent to the “Rastafari” faith?

What does October represent to the “Rastafari” faith?

According to our history, namely that of the “Bible” October is the 7th month of the year. Known before as “Tishri” or Ethanim, was the month in which “Dan” of the tribes of Israel was born. He was the 7th son of Jacob, whom later “God” changed his name to “Israel”

Dan has the blessings of a judge, according to genesis 49:16 “Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel”. No doubt we of “Abraham’s” seed are all apart of a tribe. Each and everyone of us, just as “Rastafari” is of the “Tribe of Judah”.

We are all apart of the body of “Christ”, yet many fail to tell you what part of the body of “Christ”. Not to mention that they are also unaware of their function. Dan, as it is mentioned in the scriptures, their function is to judge the children of Israel.

That is why often times people who find themselves being born in October usually is the person most reliable in speaking the truth. Even when speaking the truth could result in being hated on, frowned up or respected.

Dan also represents the “Backbone” of “Christ”. Representing uprightness in truth and the ways of the “Most High”. Dan also is represented by the colour blue. Each of the “Tribe of Israel” all represent a body part of “Christ” and a colour.

Dan to Walk in Truth and Uprightness

When walking in uprightness, the “Children of Dan” walk in uprightness and truth with chastity. This is what the October born represents in “Rastafari”. Truth and uprightness. Be not dismayed and walk contrary to that of the “Most High God of Israel”. For walking opposite of his ways will lead us into deceit, lust mixed with anger and lying. Refrain from these and hold steadfast in the faith those born of October.

Representing the ways of the “Most High” with humbleness and truth. October is also symbolized by the “scale”, showing the importance of keeping the balance of truth and uprightness. The Tribe of Dan cannot allow to be ruled by lying and lusting.

The Bible

Most of what was hidden from us, was taken from the “bible”. Nevertheless, what is in it is enough to save a man’s soul. Seek the knowledge and wisdom of the most high first.

Another book where more information is “The Lost Books of The Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden”. This book in addition to the “bible” will reveal unto the knowledge wisdom and understanding of the “Most High Jah”.

Therefore depart from anger and lying and cling to righteousness. Strengthen yourself in the word of HIM, and let his will be done. I pray you seek the scriptures a chapter per day from genesis 1 to revelations 22. With a clear conscience and humbleness of a child. That the words my be written on your hearts.

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