Haile Selassie I accepts degree from Charles University Czechoslovakia

Haile Selassie I accepts degree from Charles University Czechoslovakia
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on the 15th of July in the year 1959, Haile Selassie I accepts degress from Charles University, Czechoslovakia. Haile Selassie I was a true advocate for education and why we must seek always to further learn and educate ourselves.

His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, the head of RasTafari spoke profoundly on Why Education is important for any nation to be truly liberated.

We believe that from truth alone is born liberty and that only an educated people can consider itself as really free and master of its fate.

Therefore, today i’ll be sharing with you His Majesty speech on accepting His degree from Charles University, Czechoslovakia. Those of us who are of the faith, must know the history and roots of the faith.

We must learn and educate ourselves in the works of RasTafari, then and only then can we continue His divine work in this space and time. Let us be vigilant in our quest to spread righteousness and love.

Education is the key to this way of life, therefore let us seek knowledge and understanding.


Although our national economy is not yet fully developed to enable us to accomplish the objective we have ultimately set ourselves in the field of education,

we have granted, thus implementing the principle that education is the vital need, scholarships to other African countries. We are fully aware that Czechoslovakia,

in the same way as Ethiopia, is one of the countries which strive to assist the people of Africa. To extend their education and to achieve independence in determining their own destinies.

In view of the fact, that the Czechoslovak Government has granted scholarships to Ethiopian students. We trust that in the near future Ethiopian students will be enrolled in this ancient,

famous University. It is, therefore, in full cognizance of this unique significance of this University as the main source of national culture

and strength as well as of the great importance and keenness of this University in the field of culture that we accept this great honour conferred upon us today.

H.I.M Haile Selassie I
JULY 15, 1959.


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