The Teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari speech on Education | Wise Mind of HIM

The Teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari speech on Education | Wise Mind of HIM
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RasTafari spoke profoundly on Why Education is important for any nation to be truly liberated. The Teachings of H.I.M has left we who are of the faith strengthened in His words and wisdom.

Therefore, this written article will provide a few of the speeches RasTafari made on Education. Education, work and diligence are the main foundation of our national existence.

Similarly, the person who claims to know everything, as the scriptures in the Bible says, is like ‘sounding brass and tinkling cymbal.’ Therefore, never stop seeking knowledge to be educated and liberated.

All the knowledge drawn from the fountainhead of education not only contributes to the well being of mankind and to the performance of humanitarian deeds,

But is also a veritable pillar upholding the liberty of the land.

RasTafari speech on Education

  • ‘We are determined to be masters of our fate; owners of our wealth; and capable of removing the adjective dark from the name of our continent. Education – that of the nation and of the individual – is the bastion of this goal.’

Every man wants to be masters of their fate. Every man wants to be owners of their own wealth. Therefore, it is important in preserving and protecting some quality in education.

Although it will require each and every individual to seek knowledge and wisdom for themselves, let us collectively help each other to attain this goal.

Similarly, we’ll have a nation filled with educated people. All striving to be masters of their fate and owners of their wealth.

  • ‘Knowledge paves the way to love, and love in its turn fosters understanding, and leads one along the path of great common achievements.’

Knowledge paves the way to love. For knowledge teaches us about someone or something, therefore the more you know the more you’re able to appreciate and love them or it.

The more knowledge gained, the more you’ll be able to love, the more you love the more understanding you’ll gain. For knowledge brings love which brings understanding.

Therefore, it is good to be educated, to learn, to know, to love and to understand, leading one to a path of great common achievements.

Similarly, in any achievements one accomplishes, it is the knowledge that has brought about this accomplishment.

  • ‘The solid basis for all lies in education. It is education which allows people to live together, and makes them avoid the pitfalls of immorality and induces respect for the law. Truly, the attainment of these high aims is based on education. The helping of people to live together, to avoid indulgence, immorality and lawlessness.’

In the words of Nelson Mandela, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.’ Education, knowledge attained, will therefore teach us how to live harmoniously.

Education is the movement from darkness to light. It teaches us to learn from past mistakes and to solve present problems. We therefore must educate ourselves to avoid the downfall of man.

Therefore to respect the law, one must be educated to the law and have knowledge of it thereof. A man is not attaining his full heights until he is educated.

  • ‘To command and to be commanded is the fruit of education and unity [of which] confidence is the result.’    

To command and be commanded is the result of education and unity, which brings confidence as a result. For to be truly educated will allow any man to know how to command.

He’ll know exactly what it takes to take charge and be a true leader. Likewise, a truly educated man has no problem being commanded;

Knowing exactly that some must lead and some must follow, and that we all have a part to play amongst mankind. A liberated man, a man truly educated will never take insult in being commanded.

For he knows that his part is crucial towards any common achievements set out before them. For together we stand, which brings confidence.

  • ‘As the gospel tells us “a house built upon strong foundations can never be overthrown by storms.” Similarly, when people are built up with minds well formed by education and knowledge no trial of whatever kind can conquer them.’

When you have built a solid foundation with your mind, no trial you encounter will be too great for you. Knowledge being the foundation on which the mind is built,

Will no doubt overcome any obstacles that you may encounter. For your mind well formed by education and knowledge, will lead you into seeking a way to prosper.

We have an innate ability to wanting to be masters of our own fate, therefore not allowing any trials to overcome us once educated.

  • ‘Education and the quest for knowledge stop only at the grave.’

Education is limited not at the schools, and knowledge should never cease to be attained until we lay to rest in the grave. For no matter how much we learn,

There is always more to learn, more to gain in this life. We must always be mindful of wanting to grow and continue to educate ourselves and seek knowledge.

Never allow your mind to limit yourself in ceasing to wanting to learn and educate yourself more just because of whatever reason. Elevate yourself always to be the most Elohim made you to be.

  • ‘From truth alone, are liberty born and only an educated people can consider itself as really free and master of its fate.’

Education as a tool for liberating both an individual and the society; a tool which should liberate an individual socially, economically,

Psychologically, culturally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. Therefore, education should add value that leads to growth, this growth, will allow man to be master of his fate.

Because being educated, he’ll come upon the truth, and upon the truth will he learn how to be master of his own faith. Liberating a man and uplifting him to his fate.


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” – Martin Luther King

We must therefore look to the Teachings of HIM as inspiration and a guide for our actions. Hence we must educate ourselves to be liberated and free from oppression.

We must put our faith in Elohim and seek after His righteousness. To seek truth and knowledge, we must live the Orthodox Way of Life.

I pray that this has helped you along the way of your journey seeking truth. I pray the Most High be with you and bless you in His righteousness, and that you’ll follow HIM and his Laws.

Let the Most High be with you always to guide you into all truths. Be blessed, Jah Love. Selah.

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