The teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari speaks on work | The Wise Mind of HIM

The teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari speaks on work | The Wise Mind of HIM
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There is neither shame nor disgrace in a day’s work well and truly done… This it the teachings of RasTafari, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I on work. That the farmer and labourer who have toiled diligently throughout the day have earned their bread and honest sleep.

We must therefore use the teachings of HIM to guide our day to day and help us to improve our lives for a better cause, for righteousness.

As a faithful follower of RasTafari, His speech on work has truly inspired even I, to write this article so that even you will be able to inspired to work towards a greater cause. We must put our efforts and time towards a greater cause, towards righteousness.

Therefore I’ll be writing a few speeches by RasTafari on work while further discussing each speech. I pray that this will inspire you to seek righteousness and work towards a better cause.

RasTafari speech on Work

  • “Unless a man undertakes more than he can possibly do, he will never be able to do all he can.”

We will never truly know what we are truly capable of accomplishing unless we fully maximize all that we can possibly do. We must task ourselves to do all we can and even then to try and do even more than that.

Only then will we truly know how much we are capable of doing. Then we will know, we all along with the grace of the Almighty can truly do more than we thought possible.

  • “Man, who is by nature selfish, must learn that only in serving others can he reach the full stature or attain the noble destinies for which God created him.”

It is only natural for anyone to want to think about themselves first. By nature this is concerning the works of the flesh, once we let go of the flesh and work towards the fruit of the spirit.

Then we will realize that, living in love, hope and faith, will lead you to a selfless life in the Creator. We will surrender the nature of the flesh, to abide in the fruit of the spirit.

Work Diligently and purposefully

  • “The reward for job well done is not the recognition of others, or in public praise. Neither is it to be measured solely by the monetary return earned by the workman.”

For a job truly well done, in fullness and a whole heart, can never be measured by monetary rewards. Neither will there be satisfaction in the recognition of others or public praise for doing a good job.

But, the true satisfaction will come from within, knowing that you gave your utmost best, your everything into the job. This comes from knowing you were able to carry out a task and completing it. This comes from knowing no man can take that away from you, only Jah.

  • “The attainment of any one goal is never more than a temporary achievement. A mountain-top is reached; beyond, on the far slope there are new lands to explore, and new peaks to scale.”

Have you ever set a goal before and then went on to accomplishing it? Has achieving these goals ever stopped a new goal from arising? One more difficult, more challenging and yet more rewarding.

Once you’ve accomplished a task set out before you, you’ll then realize you’ve grown. You’ve become bigger than the situation, therefore a new challenge, a new goal will arise.

It will come as a reflection of you’re no longer where you once were, but now somewhere different. Welcome this growth.

  • “The way will be perilous, sacrifices will be demanded of us, our labours may go unobserved and our triumphs unnoticed except to ourselves. [I]n the ultimate sense, this is wholly as it should be, for we are men and this is man’s lot.”

Once one has decided upon his life’s goal, one of a selfless cause, he will no doubt go through a rough battle. He will face many adversities, many obstacles, many trials and tribulations. Sacrifices will have to be made, and in many times unnoticed.

We who have dedicated our lives for something greater than ourselves, knows all too well, this is our destiny. We are greater than just being acknowledge for what, by right is our natural way of life.

Hold true to the teachings of HIM

In conclusion to this article, we must hold true and steadfast to the teachings of HIM. We who are of the faith of RasTafari, must develop a Character of the spirit of Jah.

Remember always to put Jah first, ceaseless prayers, night and day. Read your Bible, one chapter per day, from Genesis one to Revelations twenty two.

Put your faith and trust in HIM, the Most High Creator, fulfill the works set out by HIM. Let no man get in-between you and the Creator. Walk in faith, walk in the name of Jah. Selah.

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