Teachings of H.I.M: Rastafari on Unity & Brotherhood Part 2

Teachings of H.I.M: Rastafari on Unity & Brotherhood Part 2
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In the first part of this article, we discussed a few of the speeches by “Rastafari” on “Unity and Brotherhood”. We discussed the importance in which unity plays today.

Therefore, I am writing the second part to “Unity” to outline the importance in which it plays in our lives today. We must recognize that “Unity is Truly Strength”.

“Rastafari” was a strong advocate for unity. As followers of the faith, we too must “Unite” for a worthy cause. Come together against the principalities of powers and stand up for the “Faith”.

In addition to the speeches on “Unity and Brotherhood” by His Imperial Majesty, we’ll discuss the importance in which these speeches play in our lives today.

Similarly we can compare those speeches and how we can apply it to the “Orthodox Way of Life“. “Pure and original as was given by the Most High”. “A people without a nation they can really call their own is a people without a soul” – “Haile Selassie I.

In other words, let us “Unite” and come together. In conclusion let us be able to depend on our brothers and sisters.

Rastafari Speech on Unity & Brotherhood

  • “Nobody knows better than we Africans that the policy of divide and rule is the aspiration of those who seek to benefit at others expense”.

For years, affliction, divide and rule has tortured we Africans. Similarly, we know that it is those who benefit at others expense use these methods. We must overcome our differences, unite and come as one.

We must use our past as example as to how to live today and for the future.  It is crucial we avoid the mistakes made before that has allowed us to be captives.

  • “Our greatest weapon is the oneness which we share as Africans”.

We all know that “all for one and one for all” brings the greatest strength in “unity”. What can be more dangerous than the “unity” of Africans?

When we all come together as one, for we are all one, which nation can be against us? We must realize our strength and weapon in “Unity and Brotherhood”.

Unity is Diversity

Unity & Brotherhood
Unity & Brotherhood
  • “Strength can be achieved through “unity” and success is the fruit of cooperation”.

When one person washes a car, he has to clean the entire body of the car by oneself. Whereas if two person washes the car one can clean half and another the next half, making it easier and faster.

Clearly when “unified” we are “Stronger” and “More Efficient” producing a more fruitful outcome. In “unity” can be found success bringing together all unique qualities and strength.

  • “No nation can divide within itself and remain powerful”.

If unity is therefore strength, a lack of unity brings forth weakness. Divided amongst ourselves only brings us down and weakens us, removing the power of strength from within.

Divided and powerful not probable. Not without our Unity, will we remain powerful.

  • “We have no problem which is insurmountable…. in unity and diligence let us work”.

What problems can we not overcome with diligent unity? History has taught us that coming together with all unique strength and qualities, we conquer anything.

Let us not get weary nor absentminded, but hold steadfast in the faith of “Rastafari” and his teachings. Let us overcome all obstacles together. For we are one.

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