The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on International Relations | Wise Mind

The Teachings of HIM: RasTafari speech on International Relations | Wise Mind
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From The Teachings of HIM, RasTafari spoke on international relations, knowing its great importance for us, wanting knowledge. From the Wise Mind of HIM, we’ll dissect the topic International Relations.

International relations refers to a field of study and practice focused on understanding the unique relationships that exist between various nations and cultures.

These relationships can impact everything from international politics, law, and economics to security, diplomacy, and governance.

It is important for those who are on their journey in RasTafari and those learning of the faith, to seek the knowledge of HIM. It is important for us of the faith to be girded by His wisdom.

Therefore, I’ll share a few speeches made by HIM on international relations. With the hopes of inspiring those learning and already on the faith to hold firm on the journey.

It is important for us not to get weary, to stay strong and refreshed in knowledge. In addition, I pray that you also may do your part for the works of RasTafari.

RasTafari speech on International Relations

“Apart from the Kingdom of the Lord, there is not on this earth any nation that is superior to any other.”

We who are of the faith knows all are born equal, therefore we’re also aware of the fact that no nation is superior to the other. Only the kingdom of the Most High stands above all stands above all.

Therefore let not man proclaim to be greater or lesser of another. We are all born as equal therefore we are not superior to any man regardless of his status.

“Today the great powers should also wake up to the realization of the fact that the key to their destiny and future happiness does not lie in their own hands alone. There is no peace without cooperation.”

Life is a balance. With that being said, no matter how great and powerful a person or a nation, they’ll know their future happiness relies not entirely in their own hands.

Therefore, we must acknowledge the fact there is no peace without cooperation! Peace is a day-to-day problem, the product of a multitude of events and judgements. Peace is not an is – it is a becoming.

Peace…has become even more necessary to mankind than ever before. The alternatives confronting the governments of today are no longer peace or war,

but peace or the annihilation and complete doom of mankind.

The Teachings of H.I.M: RasTafari speech on Peace | Wise Mind of HIM

“No system, not even that of collective security can succeed unless there is not only a firm determination to apply it universally, both space and time, but also whatever the cost.”

This goes to say, unity is strength. Therefore if any system is to progress, it has to be carried out universally. Strength can be achieved through “unity” and success is the fruit of cooperation.

Sacrifices must be made, a collective effort for the greater good must be taken into account. The ultimate resource of a nation is it’s people.

Unless this resource is employed for the benefit of the nation. Unless the latent good which it represents is exploited to the maximum extent for the common good,

the nation will languish, poor in spirit, lacking in achievement.

“The world is only now coming to realize what Ethiopia and Africa have long recognized, that peace, independence and prosperity of mankind can be achieved and assured only by the collective and united efforts of free men who are prepared to maintain eternal vigilance and labour unceasingly to protect these most precious of God’s gifts.”

Freedom’s price is the sacrifice of the lives of innumerable heroes and, in deep realization of this; it becomes the duty of free men everywhere to be ever prepared for the defence of their freedom.

Since freedom is an issue upon which national existence itself depends, it becomes a sacred obligation of primary importance for a people of one family,

united in their own common life and in oneness of mind and spirit, to preserve their free and pleasant way of life from all external danger and thus be enabled to advance along the path of progress.

Therefore, let us come as one in unity. Fighting to protect the most precious of God’s gift, given to all man. Let us work to maintain peace for all man. I pray that this strengthen you on your journey.

To grow strong in the faith of  RasTafari and to know more of HIM. Jah bless you, love to you. I pray that the Most High inspires us all to do His will. Selah.

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