Teachings of H.I.M: Rastafari’s Responsibilitiy

Teachings of H.I.M: Rastafari’s Responsibilitiy
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Rastafari, taught us many things. He reminded us of our beloved saviour Yahashua Hamashiach(jesus Christ) and His saving grace.

Of the many topics in which Rastafari addresses, I feel compelled to speak of the teachings He has taught us on “Responsibility”.

The world today, has left mankind in a state where we have become perverse in our ways and corrupt towards our brothers and our sisters in “JAH” name.

We have allowed the ways of this world to stray our minds from that of the “Creator”. And have forgotten our “Responsibility”.

Not only towards our brothers and sisters but also towards our own self. By the grace of the “Father” let us not forget our responsibility towards ourselves and our brother and sisters.

Rastafari speech on “Responsibility”:

  • “Man desires many things, but it is the individual’s duty and responsibility to desire the proper things.”

Throughout this life we’ve been given, a beautiful gift. It is imperative that we remember the “Creator” always and give glory and honour unto HIM by desiring that which is proper for oneself and that of the betterment of others.

  • “A noble failure may be of more value than a petty success”.

Petty success can bring content. And while satisfaction isn’t necessarily bad, it can lead to not being motivated to go further for greater heights that could have been achieved, had one been pushed to the limits.

A noble failure with the right mindset can set an individual diligent to achieve more to find ways, knowing the “Creator” giveth no more than a man can bare. To raise his standards to excel even greater than first imagined.

One will learn many lessons from having encountered the failure to master that very obstacle in which befell them.

  • “Anyone who makes the wrong choices will be a burden, not only to himself but to future generations.”

Even with “Christ” there are times when we make mistakes and the wrong choices. “Rastafari” has reminded us that is it our “responsibility” that we try to not repeat these mistakes.

Not only will these mistakes  be a burden upon the individual who continually falls into the “TRAP”, but upon the coming generations.

The burden of “sin” rests on their shoulders and begin to lose their soul being caught in the “TRAP”. Setting an example for the coming generations to fall into the very demise.

It is our “responsibility” to overcome these “snares and traps” and keep grips of our soul to best serve the “Father” and mankind.

More speeches on “Responsibilty” Cont’d

  • “The obligations to improve oneself does not cease simply because one has a regular job”.
  • “Simply watching other people’s achievements is a characteristics off a lazy man”.
  • “Though life is short, one should live and act in such a way that his achievements bring him and his country a good name forever. If he does not use his training for worthy ends, he will be an enemy to himself and an obstacle to others. He will, indeed, be sick while supposedly healthy and dead while still alive”.
  • “There is no person in this world who is free from life’s responsibility”.
  • “If the wealth of a person cannot be for the general welfare, what would he gain for himself and his offsprings but grudge and hatred”?
  • “To place all responsibility on the shoulders of one individual while others sit idly by and seek only to criticize and find fault is  …. to act contrary to the movements for progress and advancement of the country”.
  • “A qualified man with vision, unmoved by daily selfish interests, will be led to right decisions by his conscience”.
  • “A man who knows from whence he comes and where he going. Will cooperate with his fellow human beings. He will not be satisfied with merely doing his ordinary duties but will inspire others by his good example”.

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