Humanitarian Haile Selassie I on THE “FREEDOM FROM HUNGER” CAMPAIGN

Humanitarian Haile Selassie I on THE “FREEDOM FROM HUNGER” CAMPAIGN
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Haile Selassie I was internationally known as a humanitarian, and one of the reason why was His “FREEDOM FROM HUNGER” campaign. Haile Selassie I was a strong advocate to eradicate hunger worldwide especially Africa.
Bugle & I-Wayne Feed The Homeless in Kingston Jamaica

However, many are unaware of the fact that His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I even even had a campaign on the “FREEDOM FROM HUNGER”.

Therefore it is my duty as a faithful follower of RasTafari to reveal the speech made by HIM on the “FREEDOM FROM HUNGER” campaign.

While also revealing His Majesty speech, it will show a clear indication why He was so widely regarded as a humanitarian.


“From time immemorial, hunger, disease and illiteracy have been man’s persistent enemies which have plagued his effort to lead a fuller and healthier life.

Being aware of the urgent necessity to eradicate these causes of human misery, and having realized that this could only be done through their concerted actions in the various agencies of the United Nations,

the nations of the world have joined hands and pulled together their resources and energies to fight back these scourges. When, in 1960, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,

determined to free mankind from the scourge of hunger, which is one of the three enemies of man, presented a programme of “Freedom From Hunger Campaign”

Buju Banton Feeding The Poor And Homeless In Jamaica

to the Tenth Session of the FAO and the General Assembly of the United Nations, Ethiopia was one of the foremost countries to support and endorse the proposal.

Apart from the various actions and programmes which We endeavour to initiate to enhance and promote the welfare of Our beloved people,

Our efforts to propose and support various programmes at the various forums of the United Nations and its specialized agencies have given encouraging results.

At all times, Ethiopia will continue to be the first to take action on such programmes that are designed to fight and eradicate such enemies which threaten human life and prosperity.

All nations have readily and fully endorsed the proposal that the “Freedom From Hunger Campaign” should be established within the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.”

– Haile Selassie I, Feb. 20, 1963.

True leadership

In addition, surely His Majesty displayed true leadership by setting examples for us all to follow. Although He was King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

He still made it a priority to live self-less and lead by example. Never has He made His superior title ever become too great for HIM.

His Majesty made it a priority for agriculture, education, development, health care etc to be established in Ethiopia and worldwide,

in an effort to help eradicate the problems facing mankind today. Therefore, we who are of the faith must follow after HIM and His great examples laid forth.

We also must follow in the ways of HIM and fulfill this mission to help our brothers and sisters. We need to do all we can to help eradicate these problems facing us today.

Feeding of the Five Thousand Foundation

Jordan Bennett, a young faithful follower of RasTafari. Inspired by HIM and His words, started The Feeding of the Five Thousand foundation.

A devoted faithful of HIM, Jordan Bennett started a foundation in Jamaica to feed the homeless. Inspired by the Holy Bible in which our history lies.

The Feeding of the Five Thousand foundation without a doubt is a true testament of the works of RasTafari. This foundation is for the sole purpose to feed the hungry.

In addition, it is a prayer in RasTafari, that the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected and the infants cared for.


Therefore, we who are of the faith of RasTafari must follow the examples by HIM. We must seek to finish the works in which He laid fourth for us to do.

However, it is now more than ever, that we come together in unity and brotherhood. To overcome the problems facing mankind today. We must stand together for a righteous cause,

then and only then with the faith of the Most High will we conquer these quest. We must have faith, courage and a just cause in the Creator,

To do all we can to serve our brothers and sisters in need of our help today. I pray that this article reaches you in a way to be inspired by HIM.

To do righteousness and the will of the Most High. I pray that today we can make a difference for our fellow brothers and sisters around the world.

Let therefore, righteousness and goodness be upon you I pray. In addition we must hold steadfast in truth and righteousness in HIM. Let HIM be praised. Selah.



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