The Metaphysical meaning of the term Zion in RasTafari

The Metaphysical meaning of the term Zion in RasTafari
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Today we’ll take a look at the metaphysical meaning of the term Zion in RasTafari. Many wonder about the terms used in the RasTafari faith and are curious as to what they mean.

Therefore, let us learn the power of the words that we use on  day to day and observe not only the physical meaning but also the metaphysical.

We of the faith of RasTafari, know the importance of words, hence we use a lot of terms not necessarily used daily. So it is my duty to share with you the knowledge in RasTafari.

The Breaking Down of Zion

Zion – Zi-on(Heb.)- Sunny; very dry; clear, i.e., unobstructed, sunshine; set up; placed; established; constituted; fortress; monument; column; landmark.

a. A fortified hill that David took from the Jebusites. David built his palace there (II Sam. 5:7), and the place was called the city of David.

The tent of meeting and the Ark of the Covenant were on Zion during David’s reign (I Kings 8:1); this is why it was called the ‘Holy Hill’ (Psalm 2:6).

Later Zion became part of the city of Jerusalem.

b. Zion as mentioned in many places in the Bible refers to the whole city of Jerusalem (as in Isa. 33:20).

c. Zion is sometimes used as figurative of the Holy city, the New Jerusalem (Heb.12:22).

The Metaphysical Meaning of Zion

Meta. Love’s abode in the phase of the subjective consciousness where high, holy thoughts and ideals abide (clear, i.e., unobstructed,

sunshine, set up, monument, fortress, landmark, a fortified hill, which later became a part of Jerusalem).

In referring to the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, Zion symbolizes spiritual consciousness.


Therefore, remain in high. holy thoughts and ideals. Let the Zion, which symbolizes spiritual consciousness be of sunshine, let it be a monument and fortress.

Guard your spiritual like a fortified hill, like that of Zion. We who are the faith of RasTafari must realize that in coming to our higher consciousness can we be at one with Jah.

Let us fill our hearts and minds with the Teachings of HIM, and continue to read the Holy Bible. One must seek the Bible one chapter per day from Genesis one to Revelation twenty two,

with a clear conscience and humbleness as a child to seek out the truth which is there for all to see. Let us therefore be strong and of good courage,

and I pray this article may have helped you along your journey. I pray it may inspire you to seek more and continue on the path of righteousness. Selah.

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