Concerning the Glory of Zion | Kebra Nagast

Concerning the Glory of Zion | Kebra Nagast
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And as concerning the Glory of Zion, the Tabernacle of the Law of Elohim; at the very beginning. As soon as Elohim had established the heavens, He ordained that it should become the habitation of His glory upon earth. He brought it down to earth, and permitted Moses to make a likeness of it.

Therefore, from the Kebra Nagast, one of the books removed from the “Bible“. Clearly outlines the habitation of the “Most High” being present on earth, represented by the Tabernacle of Law in which Moses was permitted to make. Holy Mount Zion.

And the “Most High” said unto Moses, “Make an Ark(or, Tabernacle) of wood that cannot be eaten by worms, and overlay with pure gold. And thou shalt place therein the Word of the Law, which is the Covenant that I have written. With my own fingers, that they may keep My Law, the Two Tables of the Covenant.”

In addition, the heavenly and  spiritual[original] within it is of divers colours. The work thereof is marvellous, and it resembles Jasper, and the sparkling stone.

The Topaz, and the Hyacinthine stone, and the Crystal, and the light, and it catches the eye by force.

Although it astonisheth the mind and stupefieth it with wonder; it was made by the mind of Elohim. And not by the hand of the artificer, man, but He HIMself created it for the habitation of His glory.

Therefore it is a spiritual thing filled of compassion;

Habitation of the Godhead

It is a heavenly thing and is full of light; it is a thing of freedom and a habitation of the “Godhead”. Above all, whose habitation is in heaven, and whose place of movement is on earth.

Dwelling with men and with angels, a city of salvation for men, and for the Holy Spirit a habitation.

Contain within the Tabernacle of Law were: a Gomer of gold [containing] a measure of the manna which came from heaven and the Rod of Aaron.

The Rod which sprouted after it had become withered though no one watered it with water, and one had broken it in two places, and it became three rods being [originally only] one Rod.

Moses covered the Ark with pure gold, and he made for it poles wherewith to carry it and rings. And they carried it before the people until they brought it into the land of their inheritance, which is Jerusalem. The City of Zion.

City of Judah, Tabernacle of Testimony

When the “Israelites” were crossing the Jordan and the priests were carrying it, the waters stood upright like a wall. Until all the people had passed over, and after all the people along with the priests bearing the Ark. Then they had set it down in the city of Judah, the land of their inheritance.

Prophets were appointed over the Children of Israel in the Tabernacle of Testimony. The priest wore Ephod, so that they might minister to the Tabernacle of Testimony, and high priests offered up offerings. So that they might obtain remission of their sins and of the sins of the people likewise.

The Habitation of His Glory

In this wise did Elohim command Moses on mount Sinai, and He showed him the work thereof, and the construction and the pattern of the tent. According to which Mosses was to make it, and it(i.e Zion) was revered and had exceedingly great majesty in Israel.

And it was acknowledged by “Elohim” to be the habitation of His Glory. And He HIMself came down on the mountain of His holiness, and He held converse with His chosen ones. He opened to them  [a way of] salvation, and He delivered them from the pillar of cloud.

And He spake with them from the pillar of cloud, and commanded them to keep His Law and His commandments, and to walk in the precepts of “Elohim”.


Although in the dark ages books were removed from the “Bible”. However, what is in it is enough to save a man’s soul”.

Reading the “Bible” a chapter per day is a journey. A journey from the physical consciousness and state of mind to the spiritual consciousness.

That is why it is one chapter per day from Genesis. Taking the time to unlearn that of this world and learn that of the ways of the “Father”.

“Rastafari” also says “We in Ethiopia have one of the oldest versions of the bible, but however old the version may be, in whatever language it might be written, the Word remains one and the same.

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