How the Queen of Sheba made ready to set out on her journey

How the Queen of Sheba made ready to set out on her journey
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When the Queen of Sheba had heard about the fame of Solomon and his relationship to the “Most High”. The Queen made ready to set out on journey to Jerusalem, and the Queen said to them. “Hearken, o ye who are my people, and give ye ear to my words.

For I desire wisdom and my heart seeketh to find understanding. I am smitten with the love of wisdom, and I am constrained by the chords of understanding. For wisdom is far better than treasure of gold and silver, and wisdom is the best of everything that hath been created on the earth.”

Therefore, The Queen of Sheba expressed to the people her astonishment of learning of Solomon’s wisdom. She expressed that nothing under the heavens shall wisdom be compared to. And how it is sweeter than honey, and how it illuminates more than even the sun, to be loved more than precious stones.

Queen of Sheba Admiration for Wisdom

Queen of Sheba found wisdom an infinite joy for the heart, and a bright and shining light for the eyes. It maketh ear to hear and hearts to understand, it is a teacher to those who are learned. Consoler of those who are discreet and prudent.

The Queen also expressed how as for a Kingdom, it cannot stand without wisdom; the foot cannot keep the place wherein it hath set itself without wisdom. In addition, without wisdom that which the tongue speaks is not acceptable.

Wisdom is the best of all treasures. He who heaps up gold and silver does so to no profit without wisdom. While those who soak up wisdom-no man can flitch it from his heart.

The Fools vs The Wise

That which fools heap up the wise consumes. And because of the wickedness of those who do evil the righteous are praised; and because of the wicked acts of fools the wise are beloved. Therefore know that wisdom is an exalted thing and a rich thing.

For it is right for us to follow the footprints of wisdom, and for the soles of our feet to stand upon threshold of the gates of wisdom. Let us seek her, and we shall find her; let us love her, and she will not withdraw herself from us.

If we remember her, she will have us in remembrance; and in connection with fools thou shalt not remember wisdom. For they do not hold her in honour, and she does not love them. The honouring of wisdom is the honouring of the wise man, and the loving of wisdom is the loving of the wise man.

How Solomon’s Wisdom drew The Queen

Love the wise man and withdraw not yourself from him, and by the sight of him thou shalt become wise. Thee Queen loved him merely on hearing concerning him and without seeing him. The whole story of Solomon that was told to the Queen by The Merchant, was to her as the desire of her heart. Like water to the thirsty man.

When her nobles, her handmaids and her counsellors answered and said unto her, “O our Lady, as for wisdom, it is not lacking in thee. It is because of thy wisdom that thou lovest wisdom. As for us, if thou goest we will go with thee, and if thou sittest down we will sit down with thee.

Our death shall be with thy death, and our life with thy life.” Therefore, the Queen made ready to set out on her journey with great pomp and majesty and with great equipment and many preparations. For it was by the will of “Elohim”, her heart desired to go to Jerusalem so as to hear the wisdom of Solomon.

For the Queen had hearkened eagerly, so she made ready to set out. And seven hundred and ninety-seven camels were loaded, and she set out on her journey and followed her road without pause, and her heart had confidence in “Elohim”.


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