History of Rastafari: The Glory of the Kings | Kebra Nagast

History of Rastafari: The Glory of the Kings | Kebra Nagast
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The Glory of the Kings, the first chapter in the “Kebra Nagast” one of the “Apocryphal” writings. Although it was removed from “The Bible”, “Jah” still made it possible for the truth to be told. Therefore I will be writing on the first chapter of the “Kebra Nagast”. The History of “Rastafari” not told.

“In praising “Elohim” the Father, The sustainer of the universe, and His Son “Yahashua Hamashiach”(Jesus Christ). Through whom everything came into being, and the Holy Triune Spirit, The Paraclete. Who goeth forth from the Father, and deriveth from the Son, we believe in and adore the Trinity. One “Elohim” The Father, and The Son and The Holy Spirit.”

Therefore, “the interpretation and explanation of the three hundred and eighteen Orthodox [Fathers]. Concerning splendour, greatness, and dignity and how “Elohim” gave them to the children of “Adam”. Especially concerning the greatness and splendour of “Zion“.

The tabernacle(Tåbot) of the law of Elohim”, of which He HIMself is the maker and fashioner. In the fortress of His holiness before all created things, [both] angels and men. For the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit with good fellowship and right good will. Cordial agreement together made Heavenly “Zion” to be the place of habitation of their glory.”

And then the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit said ” Let Us make man in Our similitude and likeness“. With the ready agreement and good will they were all of this opinion. Therefore the Son said “I will put on the body of Adam,” and the Holy Spirit said, “I will dwell in the heart[s] of the prophets and righteous. This is the common agreement and covenant was [fulfilled] in zion, the city of their glory.

The Second Adam through David Bloodline

And David said, “Remember thine agreement which thou didst make of old for salvation. The rod of thine inheritance, in Mount Zion wherein thou dost dwell.”

And He made Adam  in His own image and likeness, so that “Satan” might be removed because of his pride, together with his host. To establish Adam-His own plant-together with the righteous, His children, for His praises.

“For the plan of ” Elohim” was decided upon and decreed in that He said ” I will become man, and I will be in everything which I have created. I will abide in flesh”. And in the days that came after, by His good pleasure. There was born in the flesh of the Second Zion the second Adam, who was our Saviour “Christ”. This is our glory and our faith, our hope and our life, the Second Zion.”

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