The Metaphysical meaning of the term I AM in RasTafari

The Metaphysical meaning of the term I AM in RasTafari
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Today we’ll take a look at the metaphysical meaning of the term I AM in RasTafari. Many wonder about the terms used in the RasTafari faith and are curious as to what they mean.

So we shall break down the metaphysical meaning of the term I AM or the I AM the I AM, and connect it also with the term I N I. There is life and power in the words that we speak.

Therefore, let us learn the power of the words that we use onĀ  day to day and observe not only the physical meaning but also the metaphysical. We of the faith of RasTafari, know the importance of words, hence we use a lot of terms not necessarily used daily.

For example, instead of using the word understanding, we use the term overstanding. The reason for that change is because no longer will we be under, but above. We must rise, and in order to rise, we must seek knowledge and wisdom.

Metaphysical meaning of the term I AM

I AM, meta. I AM is God’s name in man; it is Jehovah, the indwelling Christ. The true spiritual man whom God’s made in His image and likeness. The outer, manifest man is the offspring of the I AM, or inner spiritual man.

The Metaphysical meaning of the term I AM in RasTafari
The Metaphysical meaning of the term I AM in RasTafari

By use of I am, we link ourselves with outer seemings-or we make conscious union with the Father, with Spirit, with abiding life, love, peace, substance, strength, power, truth, the kingdom of the heavens within us.

The I AM always assures us that the preponderance of power is with the spiritual. Fear throws dust in our eyes and hides the mighty spiritual forces that are always with us.

Blessed are those who deny ignorance and fear, and affirm the presence and power of the I AM. They behold the ‘mountain’ (exaltation) ‘full of horses’ (powerful forces) and ‘chariots of fire’ (life energies)

round about ‘Elisha’ (spiritual I AM). (See 2nd Kings 6:8-23). In addition, the I AM can also be explained as the metaphysical name of the spiritual self, as distinguished from the sensate self.

Also, one is governed by God; the other, by self. Christ is the scriptural name for spiritual I AM. Yesus(Jesus) called it the Father. It is the Father of personal will,

The Metaphysical meaning of the term I AM in RasTafari
The Metaphysical meaning of the term I AM in RasTafari

and a conscious unity between the two must finally be made to preserve the oneness of creation. That is what is meant by the phrase ‘he that doeth the will of my Father.’ We must do the very will of God in our will,

which is virtually to surrender the whole man to God. Spiritual character is the rock foundation of being. Build yourself into God and you will find yourself in heaven right here on earth.

Let go the little self and take hold of the bigger Self: “Not mine will, but thine, will be done.” The I AM of each individual is the will in the highest aspect. The will may be said to be the man,

because it is the directive power that decides the character formation-which makes what we call individuality.


Therefore, we who are of the faith of RasTafari and have the knowledge of the term I AM, greet one another with I N I. The reason for this is: because we first acknowledge the I AM, which is God,

and the second I acknowledges both the individual being spoken to, as well as the individual speaking. With the second I acknowledging the I AM in man, his bigger Self,

It is the uplifting of our spiritual I AM. We must continue to seek out knowledge and wisdom and learn of the ways and teachings in RasTafari.

We must continue to seek truth and righteousness, and never stop learning. Therefore, let us stay firm in the faith, and seek the ways of the Most High through the Bible and its instruction to us.

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