Rastafari Knowledge: The Testament of Dan The Seventh Son of Jacob Part 1

Rastafari Knowledge: The Testament of Dan The Seventh Son of Jacob Part 1
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The seventh son of “Jacob” and Bilhah. The jealous one. He counsels against anger saying  that “it giveth peculiar vision.” This is a notable thesis on anger.
Dan who represents the month of October 

“In the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life, spake the words/testament of Dan unto his family gathered together. “Hearken unto these words, ye sons of Dan; and give heed the words of your father. I have proved in my heart, and in my whole life.

That truth with just dealing is good and well pleasing to “Jah“, and that lying and anger are evil. Because they teach man all wickedness.” Therefore it is important, that to our fellow “bredrens” we be just and honest.

Due to jealousy, Dan in his heart resolved on the death of his brother “Joseph”, the true and good man. Therefore, Dan had rejoiced that “Joseph” had been sold, because his father loved him more than the other brothers.”

Divers Spirits of Beliar(Satan)

In addition, it was for the spirit of jealousy and vainglory which had said to “Dan” thyself also art his son. And another of the spirits of “Beliar” stirred “Dan” up saying: “take this sword, and with it slay “Joseph” so shall thy father love thee when he is dead.

Similarly, the spirit of anger which came to “Dan” to persuading him to crush “Joseph” as a leopard crusheth a kid. But by the mercy of “Jah” the “Most High” did not allow “Joseph” to fall into his hands. Otherwise, “Dan” would have found him alone and cause a “Tribe in Israel” to be destroyed.

The Testament of Dan

Behold the “Children of Dan” that of a truth I tell you, that unless you keep yourselves from the spirit of lying and anger and love truth and long suffering, you will perish. For anger is blindness, and does not allow one to see the face of any man with truth.

Even towards his own father or mother, his behaviour towards them as enemies. Similarly, towards his brother, he knoweth him not; even though a prophet of Jah, he disobeys him. Although a righteous man, he regards him not; although a friend, does not acknowledges him.

For the spirit of anger encompasses him with a net of deceit, blinding his eyes and through lying darken his mind and give a peculiar vision. Wherewith what compasses his eyes? With hatred of heart, so as to be envious of his brother.

Anger Explained

For anger is an evil thing, for it troubles the very soul itself. And the body of the angry man, does anger take over and makes it his own. And over his soul it gets the mastery, and it bestows upon the body power that it may work all iniquity.

In anger, the body justifies itself in the evil since it sees not aright. This spirit goes almost always with lying at the right hand of “Satan”that with cruelty and lying his works may be wrought. It is important that you understand, therefore the power if wrath, that it is vain.

For it first of all gives provocation by word; Then by deeds it strengthens him who is angry, and with sharp losses disturbs the mind. While also stirring up great wrath in his soul. Therefore, if any man speaks badly against you, be not moved to anger. And if any man praises you as holy men, be not uplifted.

Be not moved either to delight or disgust. For it pleases the hearing and so makes the mind keen to perceive the grounds for provocation; and then being enraged, he thinks to be justly angry.

Two fold Spirit

If you come across any loss, be not afflicted; for this makes a man desire that which is perishable, in order that he may be enraged through afflictions. And if ye suffer loss voluntarily or involuntarily, be not vex nor angry; for from vexation arises wrath with lying.

Moreover a twofold mischief is wrath with lying; and they assist one another in order to disturb the heart; and when the soul is continually disturbed, the “Most High” departs from it, and “Beliar” rules over it.


These are the words spoken from “Dan” the seventh son of “Jacob”. These were the knowledge and wisdom left behind for the “Children of Dan”. Although they were left for “Dan’s” offspring, these are knowledge and wisdom we of the faith of “Rastafari” must abide and take heed to.

It is important, we allow not anger, wrath, lying and jealousy to overcome us. We cannot allow these evil spirits to draw us away from “Jah” and his righteousness. We must abide in HIM and his teaching and follow his commands, left to us through the “Bible“.

Don’t let your soul to be confounded by these spirits. Stay close to the ways of “Jah” and do his will. “Iron Sharpenth Iron” we must continue to live in Love, Hope and Faith. We must come together as one and get rid of these evil spirits. Be blessed, children of the “Most High”. Selah

*Information taken from “The Lost Books of The Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden”.

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