RastaKnowledge | How can I become a real follower of the faith of RasTafari?

RastaKnowledge | How can I become a real follower of the faith of RasTafari?
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Often times I come across the question how can I become a real follower of the faith of RasTafari? How can one be a true Rasta?

Today we will take a look into what it takes to become a real follower of the faith of RasTafari. Many people cannot conceive the divinity of His Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Although it is important to understand the roots of why Haile Selassie I is so highly esteemed, it is not all required of the faith. Being of the faith of RasTafari is not all about looks,

the clothes, the food, how you speak and so on. RasTafari is about the life and livity of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I.

H.I.M Haile Selassie I

RasTafari, or Haile Selassie I lived an exemplary life, after all He was Christ in His Kingly character. His Majesty always believed in leading by example, therefore we’ll take a look at how to follow the faith.

Foundations of RasTafari

The root of RasTafari is the scriptures! Yes, in the Bible is where you’ll learn most about RasTafari and the livity within the Orthodox Way of Life.

The movement of RasTafari started with the scriptures where it was revealed unto us who Haile Selassie I was, and that He was the true liberation of the world.


One must seek the scriptures one chapter per day from Genesis one to Revelations twenty two with a clear conscience and humbleness of heart like a child.

In the scriptures one will find with a clear conscience the great message in which it has to offer, that of Yahashua.

His Majesty speech on the Bible will help anyone on their journey to truly understand why the scriptures is our history that they didn’t want us to know.

One must also pray continually to Elohim, stay connected with the Most High Creator and His ways.

The Teachings of HIM

In addition to our history from the scriptures, another way to truly trod the path of RasTafari is the teachings of HIM. RasTafari spoke on many various topics.

RasTafari spoke profoundly and extensively on many topics which today is even more relevant then when spoken. His Majesty was a prophet who knew what was to come.

RasTafari: Teachings of HIM

Therefore RasTafari spoke on many different situations which may face us today such as: Education, Peace, the importance of Unity and Brotherhood.

He also spoke on Development, Free Communication, Religion, Justice and Equality, work, character and many others.

Therefore we must seek out the teachings of HIM and learn the ways of RasTafari HIMself.

Love Thy Neighbour

RasTafari is love. Another way to truly live the way of RasTafari is to have love amongst your neighbours. We must therefore love one another and cast out hatred and anger.

We must not be consumed by negativity and hatred for one another, but to live in unity and love. Without love one cannot be of RasTafari. for RasTafari is love.

The Most High Creator is of love, therefore we of the faith must be of love. Love beareth all things, therefore learn to forgive your brothers and sisters.


In conclusion, in order to be of the faith of RasTafari, these are some of the ways in which one must trod to be on the path. It is not all but these are the core principles one must have.

The awakening of the mind, especially the black consciousness is very much important as well. There are many other characters and ways of RasTafari that one must learn to walk the ways of truth.

But to learn how to be a real son or daughter of RasTafari one must learn and know these ways written in the article. One must continue to seek out the truth and learn.

Learn of the different mansions in RasTafari such as: Bobo Shanti, Nyahbinghi, Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Ethiopian Orthodox Church to name a few.

I pray that this article will have helped you in your search for knowledge and wisdom of RasTafari. I pray that the Most High Jah may bless and guide you along your journey for the truth. Be blessed, Selah.


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