The Conversation of Solomon with the Queen of Ethiopia

The Conversation of Solomon with the Queen of Ethiopia
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How the King held converse with the Queen

The conversation of Solomon with the Queen of Ethiopia, upon the Queen coming to Solomon the King. After hearing of his famed wisdom and knowledge by the Elohim of Israel, reported to her by The Merchant, Tamrin.

After that, Queen Makeda spoke unto King Solomon, saying, “Blessed art thou, my lord, in that such wisdom and understanding have been given unto thee.

For myself I only wish that I could be as one of the least of thine handmaidens, so that I could wash thy feet, and hearken to thy wisdom. To apprehend thy understanding, and serve thy majesty, and enjoy thy wisdom.

The sweetness of thy voice makes the heart to rejoice, and makes the bones fat, and gives courage to hearts. Good will and grace to the lips, and strength to the gait. I look upon thee and I see that thy wisdom is immeasurable

Thine understanding inexhaustible, and that it is like unto a lamp in the darkness, and like unto a pomegranate in the garden. LikeĀ  unto a pearl in the sea, and like unto the morning star among the stars.

Like unto the light of the moon in the mist, and like unto a glorious dawn and sunrise in the heavens. And I give thanks unto HIM that brought me here and showed thee to me. And made me to tread upon the threshold of thy gate, and made me to hear thy voice.”

King Solomon answers the Queen of Ethiopia

Therefore, did King Solomon answer and said unto the Queen, “Wisdom and understanding spring from thee thyself. Above all, as for me, [I only possess them] in the measure in which the Elohim of Israel hath given [them] to me. Because I asked and entreated them from HIM.

And thou, although thou dost not know the Elohim of Israel, hast this wisdom which thou hast made to grow. In thine heart, and [it hath made thee come] to see me, the vassal and slave of my Elohim.

The building of His sanctuary which I am establishing, and wherein I serve and move about my Lady. The Tabernacle of the Law of the Elohim of Israel, the holy and heavenly Zion.

Therefore now, I am the slave of my Elohim, and I am not a free man; I do not serve according to my own will. But according to His will. In addition, this speech of mine springeth not from myself, but I give utterance only to what He maketh me to utter.

Whatsoever He commandeth me that I do; wheresoever He wisheth me to go there I go; whatsoever He teacheth me that I speak; that concerning which He giveth me wisdom I understand.

Therefore, from being only dust He hath made me flesh, and from being only water He hath made me a solid man, and from being only an ejected drop. Which shot forth upon the ground would gave dried up on the surface of the earth. He hath fashioned me in His own likeness and hath made me in His own image.”

The King and Queen set an example

Therefore, we who are of the faith of RasTafari, should look upon Solomon and Makeda as shining examples to follow. For Solomon desired not to do that of his own will but that of Elohim, the creator.

The Queen, being ignorant towards the Elohim of Israel, still in her wisdom, instead of seeking out to please the flesh and seeking glory and power. Humbled herself, and hearken unto her heart to follow after wisdom and knowledge, to seek righteousness.

Let us not be too high minded, but abase ourselves to the humility of the “Most High”. Let us walk in righteousness and goodness, let your life be a light unto those who are still in the dark. Lead by example, study and learn of your history and knowledge.

Be rooted in the word of HIM, let the Bible be your guide and source of comfort filled with infinite wisdom. Be blessed. Selah.

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