The Queen of Ethiopia comes to Solomon the King

The Queen of Ethiopia comes to Solomon the King
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After The Queen of Ethiopia, made her journey to Jerusalem, she came to Solomon the King. Bringing with her many precious gifts which he desired to possess greatly. Solomon paid great honour and rejoiced, and he gave her a habitation in the royal palace near him.

After that, he sent her food both for the morning and evening meal, cooked with oil and gravy and sauce in abundance. With necessary platters and trays, and ten stalled oxen, five bulls, and fifty sheep, and deer, with fatted fowls and vessel of wine.

Along with twenty-five men and women singing, and the finest honey and rich sweets, and some of the food which he himself ate. In addition he arrayed her everyday in eleven garments which bewitched the eyes.

The Queen Marvels at the King

Solomon visited her and was gratified and she visited him and was gratified, she witnessed his wisdom. The judgements in which he executed and his splendour, his grace, and the eloquence in which he spoke.

The Queen marvelled in her heart, in her mind she was utterly astonished and she recognized in her understanding. Therefore, with her very own eyes, she perceived clearly how admirable he was; and she wondered exceedingly in her heart

Because of what she had seen and heard of him-how perfect he was in composure, wise in understanding. Pleasant in graciousness, and commanding in stature. The subtlety of his voice did the Queen observe, with the discreet utterances of his lips.

How Solomon gave his commands with dignity. Above all, his replies were made quietly and with the fear of Elohim. All these things she witnessed, and was astonished at the abundance of his wisdom. There was nothing lacking in his word and speech, but everything he spoke was perfect.

Solomon and the House of Elohim

However, Solomon was working at the building of the “House of the Lord“, and he rose up and went to the right, left forward and backward. And he showed the workmen the measurement and weight and space covered[by the materials].

Solomon told the workers in metal how to use the hammer, and the drill, and the chisel. Solomon also showed the stone-masons the angle [measure] and the circle and the surface[measure]. There was no one who was set in opposition of the King nor wrought his orders.

For his heart was filled with light, like a lamp in the darkness, and as the sand were so was his wisdom. And everything was done by the means of the skill which Elohim gave him when he made supplications to HIM.

For Solomon neither asked for victory over his enemies, nor for riches and fame, but he asked Elohim to give unto him wisdom and understanding. Where that he might rule His people in righteousness and build His House.

To beautify the work of Elohim and all that He had given him[Solomon in] wisdom and understanding. So Children of Rastafari, seek after the Most High, knowledge and wisdom, and not riches and fame.

Seek His Holy Words

Seek HIM and His holiness, seek the Holy Words of the Most High and write it upon your hearts. Let HIM guide you into all truths and righteousness. Read your “Bible” a chapter a day, with a clear conscience and humbleness as a child, from Genesis one.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of the Most High and all else shall be added. Seek the Teachings of HIM “Rastafari”. Let Him be your shield and buckler. Let the Most High be your fortress “Jah” children. Be blessed. Selah.

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