Bob Marley speaks of Haile Selassie I The New Name of Christ

Bob Marley speaks of Haile Selassie I The New Name of Christ
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Bob Marley, famous for his music, spoke highly of Haile Selassie I. Repeatedly in many interviews Bob refers to HIM as the New Name of Christ, the Comforter spoken of by Yahashua Hamashiach(Jesus Christ).

Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of those conversations in which Bob Marley spoke of Haile Selassie I being the New Name of Christ in this dispensation of time.

Bob Marley addresses his Mother

“During this [1975] US tour, Bob paid a visit to his mother in Delaware for a couple of days. This time Bob had clearly decided to instruct her fully in Rastafari.

‘Bob[Marley] tell me that His Majesty [Haile Selassie I] is the Almighty God – it not Jesus no more. And me with my little thin sense doesn’t even understand what’s going on. Me say, “How you know that? He is a man.” ‘Im [he] seh, “Yes, he is a man.”

I turn to him and I say, “I think he is a great man. But I don’t think he is God.” And ‘im seh, “Oo yuh t’ink is God?” [Who do you think is God?]’I never ‘ave no answer: because I was looking that God is a white man like the picture I have on the wall. ‘

‘Im said when we reason, “You know, momma, why is so hard for you to believe me when I say His Majesty is God? Because from the time you are a little girl growing up, you hear them talking about Jesus Christ: you go to church and you’re into it.”

Haile Selassie I The New Name of Christ

But today ‘im come in a new name: no Jesus Christ no more. And ‘im said ‘is [his] name shall be terrible amongst the heathen – which is the unbelievers. If you wasn’t my mother, him seh, me wouldn’t even bother to talk to you. But anyway, you is a Rasta from the day you is born.

And as time goes on you will see. And as time goes on mi see everything like how him never have to tell me no heap o’ nothing no more. ”

‘Bob and I talked until it was three o’ clock in the morning, and it never happened again. It happened that we spent hours together, but not in that intense manner.Whatever it was, it was given to me that night, and I fully received it, and my blessing is there going on now.”

Pages 143-144
Bob Marley – Songs of Freedom
By Adrian Boot and Chris Salewicz

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