Rastaknowledge | The regathering of Israel: Repatriation

Rastaknowledge | The regathering of Israel: Repatriation
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The movement of RasTafari started in 1930, but today more than ever is the need for the regathering of Israel. Lost and scattered in the west to put our efforts together in unity and brotherhood for Repatriation.

Repatriation, the return of descendants of enslaved Africans back to Africa, is at the heart of the RasTafari movement. Organize and centralize;

The captives must return to their motherland, gathering the Twelve Tribes of Israel; Africa for the Africans. People such as Marcus Garvey have raised the world’s awareness of the oppression of the Black race and his solution of repatriation.

Garvey believed that if Blacks could have a land of their own, where they could prosper and gain power then the world would have to respect this nation and it’s people.

We the Black nation are the Children of Israel, scattered across the diaspora,  and it is important that we know the history of the Israelites.

That history can be found and read in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is there that we find the history of RasTafari and the connection of the nation of Israel with us today.

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The way forward

Therefore, the first stage of repatriation is for us to repatriate from wrong and that which is right. To repatriate from death to life, abstain from evil and do good.

Africa awaits its creator, that’s why we must prepare ourselves to leave from the west and return home to Africa. For the knowledge and wisdom gained here, should be put in full effect at home to establish our rightful kingdom.

Now is the time to move forward, not only to Ethiopia but to any country in Africa, for it is all our home. We accept that we are the children of the captured Africans.

According to scriptures, it is due to our disobedience to Jah why we have been brought in slavery. Therefore, let us refrain from disobedience to Jah and surrender to His will and obedience.

For He shall bring us home from where we came and He will raise us up unto His glory and redemption.

The regathering of Israel

Vernon Carrington aka Prophet Gad (November 1, 1935 – March 22, 2005) founded the Twelve Tribes of Israel branch of the Rastafarian movement in 1968.

Members of the Twelve Tribes of Israel view Carrington as a prophet who began the repatriation of RasTafarians to Africa, the homeland.

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He was a member aid, of The Ethiopian World Federation, founded by Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. The Emperor has paved the way for Israel’s repatriation to Africa mainly Ethiopia (Shashamane).

In 1948 Emperor Haile Selassie gave 500 acres (200 hectares) of land at Shashamene, 150 miles (225km) south of Addis Ababa, to black people from the West.

Therefore, we must gather ourselves together for a common cause. Leading one another to righteousness, to our birthright, to our Elohim.


Today in 2020, repatriation is still very much alive and is still very much of high importance to us of the faith of RasTafari. Many black people though they are aware of their history,

Still are caught up in Babylon therefore they have no desire or wish to return home unto the promised land. However, we must not let that deter us who are of the faith to repatriate to Africa.

We must be aware of our history and past, to know where we need to go and what we need to do. We must remember the teachings and our history. Be blessed. Selah.


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  1. Many of us are undoubtedly in Babilon even here in Africa We are slaves in our land and will be glad to relocate to Zion. I’m from Central Nigeria and will be glad to visit or even relocate.

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