From the time of RasTafari marriage up to His appointment as Crown Prince

From the time of RasTafari marriage up to His appointment as Crown Prince
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It is important, that we of the faith, know the history of RasTafari. Therefore, I’ll be writing about the time of RasTafari marriage up to His appointment as Crown Prince.

This writing will cover the time of 1911-1916 during which RasTafari was appointed Crown Prince and Regent Plenipotentiary.  When RasTafari had been governor of Harar and its entire province for about a year.

Stabalizing without mishap the life of peasants and soldiers, of government and of all else necessary for administration. It was decided, by RasTafari’s wish and by that of His relations, that he should marry (being then in His twentieth year at the time)

Woizero Menen (now Empress), the grand-daughter of Negus Mika’el. They were married by church ceremony on 23rd Hamle 1903 (=31st July 1911).

The Empress character is such that, apart from goodness, there is no evil or malice in Her. Ever since they were married they lived together, by virtue of Her being fertile, in one family sharing joy as well as sadness.

The loss of Empress Menen’s brother

In saying that they lived together sharing joy as well as sadness, it must be written the first great sadness, as follow:

They were informed at Harar of the death, in 1907 (=1914/15), of Ras Hayla Maryam, Woizero Menen’s younger brother. Because of the death of Her brother, Woizero Menen should go up to Addis Ababa for the joint mourning.

And consequently she set out of Harar on Monday, 30th Genbot (=7th June 1915). RasTafari having accompanied Her as far as Haramaya, where they camped by Lake Haramaya.

RasTafari and Empress Menen travels by boat on the lake

In the past there was a boat in which the foreigners living at Harar and Dire Dawa used to enter Lake Haramaya; Therefore they left the tent at 9 o’clock (=3pm) and went to the lake.

There were ten people who boarded the boat with them to relax on the lake. After they embarked they passed towards the centre and eventually crossed to the other side.

Having stayed a little while on the opposite shore. They (i.e RasTafari) entered the boat once again to return to their camp (for they wished to return to Harar).

But the boat was rather old and, as they reached the middle of the lake, it was holed and water began to enter. As the people in the boat scooped out the water with their hats, it did not diminish when they poured it out.

The boat sinks and tragedy occurs

Once they became convinced of the fact that the boat was sinking, and impossible to cross with them inside it. And that they were all of them sinking with the boat, they began to swim with great difficulty.

But the lake was wide and impossible to cross it by swimming, the following seven men became exhausted and drowned:

Abba Tasfa, Qagnazmatch Gabra Wald, Ato Ayala Seyum, Kidana Maryam Manyazawal, Asamre, Abba Samuel, Paulos. But RasTafari and Dejazmatch Hayla Sellasse were going under and coming up again.

Dejatch Abreha’s servant helped RasTafari. As the officers and men who were watching this standing by the shore became convinced of the shipwreck. All those able to swim threw themselves into the lake;

And as they reached them, they emerged, having only just escaped death. As they got out, they were unable to recognize anyone or to speak.

RasTafari recovers and give thanks to Elohim

It so happened that by chance Dr. Zervos, a Greek who had earlier been a physician, was there at that time. And he treated RasTafari with medicines as far as possible; little by little He was able to recognize people’s outline.

On the morrow they carried HIM on a stretcher to Amaressa and from Amaressa took HIM down to Harar; And on the twelfth day, being quite well again, He went up to the church of St. Michael and gave thanks to Elohim.

Woizero Menen, being shocked on acount of His accident, abandoned Her journey to Addis Ababa and returned to Harar.


In conclusion to this piece of history in RasTafari, I urge you to seek knowledge and wisdom for yourself. I pray that you use this information to move forward on your journey to strengthen yourself in the faith.

To know this history can help you to better understand that of RasTafari, for all of this is crucial information to anyone of the faith. Continue to seek after righteousness, have faith and love.

Pray and read your Bible a chapter per day, as the prophet said from Genesis one to Revelations 22 without skipping a page or a day. Be blessed.

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