History of Rastafari: How Queen Makeda made her son King of Ethiopia

History of Rastafari: How Queen Makeda made her son King of Ethiopia
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Queen Makeda, The Queen of Ethiopia in the days of “King Solomon”.Who was Queen Makeda? How did Queen Makeda make her son king? Queen Makeda had exceedingly great honour and riches; none before her ever had the like. While none after her shall ever have the like.

Although Queen Makeda and Ethiopia used to worship the sun, upon meeting “King Solomon she learnt of the true “God” the “God of Israel”. In those days when Solomon was King in Jerusalem and Makeda the Queen of Ethiopia.

Unto both of whom were given wisdom, glory, riches and understanding, beauty of voice( or eloquence of speech) and intelligence. Gold and silver were held as cheaply as brass, and rich stuffs wherein gold was woven were as common as linen garments, and the cattle and horses were innumerable.

How Queen Makeda made her son King

Queen Makeda, delivered over to her son, seventeen thousand and seven hundred chosen horse. Which were to watch the army of the enemy, and would again plunder cities of the enemy. And seven thousand and seven hundred mares that had borne foals.

One thousand female mules, and seven hundred chosen mules, and apparel of honour. Gold and silver measured by the “gomor”, and measured by the “kor” some six and some seven. And she delivered over to her son everything that was his by law, and all the throne of her kingdom.

And the queen said unto her nobles; “Speak ye now, and swear by the heavenly “Zion” that ye will not make women queens or set them upon the throne of the Kingdom of Ethiopia. Therefore, no one except the male seed of David, the son of Solomon the King, shall reign over Ethiopia.

And that ye will never make women queens.” And the nobles of the King’s house swore, and the governors, and the councillors, and the administrators. This is why, the throne in Ethiopia is ruled by “Rastafari’s” bloodline. For it still carries the line of David, even unto today.

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