Concerning the Oath taken by HIM and the Heir to the throne Asfa Wassan

Concerning the Oath taken by HIM and the Heir to the throne Asfa Wassan
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Concerning the oath taken by HIM Haile Selassie I and the heir to the throne H. H Asfa Wassan during the November 2nd 1930 coronation of HIM.

Before the ser’ ata negs (the royal ritual) began, the Archbishop, Abuna Qerillos, approached with a gospel bound in gold and asked them to complete the following words of the oath:

  1. That They should strengthen the Orthodox faith which had remained steadfast in Ethiopia from the days of the holy kings Abreha and Asbeha. That They should keep, without disturbance, the laws and ordinances which the Orthodox faith has laid down.
  2. That in all They are doing, by Their authority and Their power, to the people in the Imperial realm of Ethiopia. The should act with consideration for the interest of the people. According to the law as well as with kindness and with patience.
  3. How that They would permanently maintain the laws They had established after submitting them. Of Their own free will, to the Council for advice and that They would safegaurd the entire Ethiopian realm. As well as the people in accordance with established law and the ordinances of the Council.
  4. That They would assist, by Their good will and authority, the establishment of schools. At which secular and spiritual education would be developed in Ethiopia. In which the gospels would be preached.

In addition, subsequently, the Archbishop assigned to the six bishops their respective functions in the coronation service. The the prayers were begun. However, of these five bishops were Ethiopians.

The sixth was Abuna Yosab who had come from Egypt as the envoy of the Patriarch of Alexandria. Abuna Yohannes, to partake in the joy of Their coronation and to convey his blessings.

The Heir takes an Oath

After the Archbishop and bishops had completed the service, performing readings and prayers. With the choir singing, the Archbishop approached and anointed HIM with the oil of kingship and placed the Imperial triple crown on HIM.

Therefore at this moment Their heir to the throne, H.H. Asfa Wassan, removed the coronet from his head. When he knelt before Them, the Archbishop approached with a Gospel and asked him to take the following oath:

  1. that he would honour his father with his whole heart and be obedient to HIM;
  2. that he would not seek, in association with evil men, what They had not given him of Their own will;
  3. how that he would keep the laws which They had established after referring them, of Their own free will, to the Council for advice.

In conclusion, after he had sworn to fulfil this, he appended his signature to it.

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