Rastafari Knowledge: Rastafari and Weed “The Holy Sacrament”

Rastafari Knowledge: Rastafari and Weed “The Holy Sacrament”
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Many who know of “Rastafari” are aware of it’s relation with the people and our “holy sacrament” weed. However, based on my observation, i’ve noticed that many are unaware of the true purpose of “weed”. While others who wonder if in order to be a “Rasta” do I need to smoke or use “weed”?

Similarly, while associated almost exclusively with “weed”, weed, is for the purpose of “meditation” and a “oneness” with the most high first.

Although important to the faith of “Rastafari” one should refrain from smoking for the sake of getting “high” only. “Weed” is primarily for spiritual purposes and herbal healing.

Genesis 1:29 says “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat”.

“Weed” also known as the “Healing of the Nation” serves as a vital “plant” to the “Rastafari” faithful. As discussed before, our history is deeply rooted in the “Bible“. For this very reason, we give praises and worship unto the “Most High” always.

“Weed”, a sacrament used in bringing one’s mind in a state of oneness with the “Creator” and to “Meditate” upon HIM and his holiness and righteousness.

Weed as a Holy Sacrament

Therefore, we use “weed” to first worship the “Most High” in his holiness. So that we may come together and give praises unto HIM. Smoking of “weed” is like often compared to the “communion cup”.

Similarly when partaking in the smoking of “Weed” whether alone or a group, “Chalice” or Spliff. One should “Bless”/Pray, holding reverence unto the “Most High”. Just as how not all “Rastas” wear “Locs” not all of the faith smokes.

It is not a requirement to be a “Rasta”.

One of the purest ways of attaining communion with “Jah” is the use of the “Holy Sacrament”.  The “Church” the real church, where two or three are gathered in the name of the “Most High”.

Burning of “weed” gives a means to contemplate, inspire and be insightful. Through the “holy sacrament” we are blessed to reach the depths of wisdom and revelation of “Jah” through the “Holy Scriptures”.

Medical Benefits of Weed

For years we of the “Rastafari” faith has preached the importance and benefits of “weed”. Only recently has the rest of the world caught up with the teachings of “Rasta”.

Recent studies have shown just how important “weed” can be to the medical field and it’s wide range of uses and benefits that it has. It is known that “Weed” is beneficial in the aiding of: Relief of Chronic Pain, improving of lung capacity, regulate and prevent diabetes, fight cancer, helps treat depression and so much more.

In conclusion, “Weed” is therefore not just a plant for “Rasta” to get “high” off of  or to just use casually. It is a “Holy Sacrament” or “Healing Herb” meant primarily for the use of bringing one closer to “Jah” and that of the “Creator”.

Therefore, be mindful of the partaking of “weed” and how you plan to use it. Don’t allow the ways of the world to sway your mind away from the truth and purpose of “Rastafari”. We are the “Children of Jah” here to do HIS will and manifest HIS will. Let “HIM” be praised and glorified. Selah.


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